Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Perfect Weekend

Weekends used to include fancy dinners, nights out with friends, long workouts, and adventures. We still have them with our little man along for the ride.

This long weekend we saw a movie, went out to two dinners, had some playdates, and enjoyed the sunshine. Nothing can beat that!

Friday, February 8, 2013

A Letter to Levi- 8 Months

Dear Levi,

You are now 8 months old!  You are such a cool little man!  You are killing us with your beautiful smile adorned with two bottom teeth and dimples.  Your hair is getting longer and you even have some super messy hairdos these days. I still can't believe I have a blonde haired, blue eyed baby.

You are wearing 9 month and 12 month clothing and weighed 21.5 lbs about 3 weeks ago.  You are also about Chino's height these days- however tall that may be :) Everywhere we go people say you are a big kid, and you are! I love that you are such a big boy.

You gave us a big scare last month when you got really sick for the first time.  You have such a wonderful attitude and you tried your best to still play and smile although you weren't feeling well.

You are learning more and more tricks.  You know who we are and started reaching your arms out for us to pick you up- it melts our hearts.  You also learned how to clap and break into spontaneous applause throughout the day- while playing, on a walk, or even while having your diaper changed.  And why not?  Life is pretty amazing, right?  You love playing with your toys and get excited when you see your favorites.

You are getting to be so strong!  You sit like a champ, roll over whenever you have a chance, and can pull yourself to standing with barely any support from us but our fingers for you to hold.  Crawling isn't really your thing yet, but you have plenty of time for that.

Just like mama, you are a fan of food.  We had a rough start with purees at first and you much preferred finger foods, but we found a few purees that you enjoy and you are now eating two of them at daycare with Baba Tania.  You sometimes cry when they are gone.  You are still drinking milk at school and at home and have had formula supplemented 3 times in the last 8 months with the rest being mama's milk. Your favorite foods are yogurt, the different kinds of fancy puffs, any fruit you can get your hands on, french toast or pancakes, and your sweet potato and cranberry butternut squash purees. You also steal any food that mama or papa are eating, but that's a given. You are very good at feeding yourself and will sit in the high chair in the evenings eating your snack while we eat.  Your brother Chino loves that you eat now because he hangs out by the high chair waiting for his snacks to drop!

You babble, squeal, and spit all the time.  You blow raspberries and say 'mama', 'baba', 'dada', and a few other sounds. You sing yourself to sleep and seem to really enjoy music.  You love going to daycare and seeing your friends and especially love seeing your baba and deda every day.

You are such a sweet, happy little boy!  You have really bonded with your papa over the last month and you boys really enjoy each other's company.  He reads you books, picks you up and swings you really high, and practices wrestling with you.  It makes me so happy to see you play together!

You're my little sweetie pie and we have so much fun together, or at least I like to think we do.  I make you laugh (more than anyone else. neener neener neener) and you have the sweetest laugh I have ever heard! You grab my face and snuggle against me when you are falling asleep and I wish I could bottle that up and take it with me everywhere I go. I refuse to believe you are growing up, but you are and you get better each day.
On your 8 month birthday I did this comparison- crazy, right?  You are so much cuter on the outside, although equally heavy. And mama sure had more time to do her hair before you got here but it's worth every moment spent with you. 

Happy 8 months, my sweet boy!