Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Big T-W-O

I've been absent from blogging for roughly a year, but since this has become my family journal, I wanted to post on sweet Levi's second birthday. So here goes!

Dear Levi,

You're two years old! Two! You throw up your fingers in what looks like a gang sign, but you know you are going to be two. You are so much fun these days- we get a kick out of you every single time you do something and then talk about you after you drift off to sleep. I often think about what we did the day before while I'm at work and I smile, because just the thought of you makes me happy.

Here are some of the things I want to remember about this time:

-You love to scare people. Your Papa taught you how to play 'boo' and you run into the room, yelling 'BOO!' and wait for the person to get scared.

-You are so outgoing- you will interact with just about anyone, particularly regarding the previously mentioned game of boo.

-You love your dog, Chino, so very much. You give him kisses and squeal when he reciprocates. When we drive home and I ask you who is waiting for us, you always say 'awa awa' and are delighted when you see Chino. You take a lot of ownership in taking him on walks and helping to feed him.

-You LOVE being outside. Pushing your own stroller, car, playing with the older neighbor kids, throwing rocks from the little bridge, all acceptable activities. Mama or Papa steering you into another direction or telling you to go outside, or waiting for us to take you outside? Unacceptable.

-You're a very consistent eater- you love grandma's chicken soup, our Trader Joe's European Style Mocha yogurt, cheese, berries, veggie sticks, tomatoes, and cucumbers. If you aren't hungry, you refuse to eat and have been known to throw your food from your throne. Still working on that. You still love drinking milk too. Also working on that.

-You love your family members and recite their names all the time, most recently, saying 'Sasha' and 'Chi Chi' (for Chino). You call out for all of us in the morning when you wake up. Your favorite family member is still Mr. Monkey, whom you play with, take care of, and rock to sleep.

-You love to play with anything with wheels- everything is a truck, and you roll around pushing anything you can on the ground. I hate to gender stereotype, but you are one messy boy- jumping into puddles, messing with dirt to get rocks, and trying to use any tool you can get your hands on.

-Your laugh- oh my goodness. Your laugh erupts from a sweet giggle squeal into a belly laugh and you often get the hiccups from laughing so hard. Your eyes water and you can barely take any more laughter, but continue laughing anyways.

-You want to talk so badly, and you are learning new words each week. You even know some words in English (ball, truck, up, poo poo). You are constantly babbling and use the words you know. I'm sure you are just soaking it up and we'll have an intellectual conversation any day now.

-You're a great traveler and have been on two vacations in the last year and we all have a blast together. Your favorite part is always the water and you usually charm the staff with your conversational skills.

Our sweet Levi, words can't begin to express how much joy you have brought into our lives. It's the most rewarding, challenging, and exhilarating journey being your Mama and Papa and we can't wait to see what else you have in store for us. We love you and welcome you to the Terrific Twos!