Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Mike!

Today is Mike's birthday. Pardon me for the mushyness, but I kinda really, really, love this guy! Today's post is dedicated to my future hubby (less than 3 months to go- sure you don't want to back out?)

Top 10 things you need to know about Mike:
  • Mike likes efficiency- efficiency is the answer to everything
  • Mike's favorite MMA fighter is Fedor. Look him up- he's dope.
  • One of Mike's many favorite movies is Requiem For a Dream
  • Mike doesn't like surprises and picked his own birthday presents- hello punching bag and HOT shirt
  • Mike loves olives and Trader Joe's Tomato Basil Hummus and eats at least one of those foods ever day of his life
  • Mike's breakfast of choice for the last 3 years have been chocolate chip cookies. Fast metabolism ladies and gents is all I can say!
  • Mike has competed in 2 Brazilian Jiu Jiutsu tournaments and kicked majah booty. He even cut 15 pounds to compete in one of them.
  • Mike is incredibly smart and driven. The boy knows his financial modeling. Sounds hot? It is!
  • Mike is incredibly patient with his loved ones. He waits for me in the mornings while I run around the house like a chicken with my head cut off collecting my items for the work day.
  • Mike makes me smile every single day of my life and even offers to walk me when I have too much energy
Below are some of the best descriptions of the birthday boy doing his thang:

Sushi dinners in which he lets me abuse him:

Throws great parties:

Drops it like it's hot:

Cleans up nice and wears the hell out of those cuff links:

Proposes to a goofball like me in St. Petersburg, Russia:

Follows the 't-shirt optional' policy while on vacation:

Happy birthday to my wonderful future hubby!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Now that's just nasty...

I often look to the blog world for new food ideas, health tips, and lifestyle changes. Even if I am not always actively commenting and posting, I'm always reading and following along.

As there are always new trends, I pick and choose what I think works for me and this weekend was the weekend of blog trends for me! I tried Kath's kale chips, a Synergy raw drink, and Arnold's/Orowheat Sandwich Thins.

Kale Chips
I totally loved them! I added a little bit of cooking spray to a bunch of organic kale that I picked up at Whole Foods and sprinkled with sea salt. I baked for 20 minutes at around 400 degrees and this was amazing! Refreshing, crunchy, and earthy! I have been afraid of kale since my mom convinced me I was allergic to it when I was a baby, but it didn't kill me. I'm planning on making more of this in the upcoming weeks.

I went to Whole Foods and decided to pay $2.99 to try this stuff. Now I knew that this would not be the typical drink, but ladies (and gents) this ish was rancid! I bought it on Sunday and just could not get through it until this morning. I would literally take one sip and jump up and down to get the taste out of my mouth. I'm positive this technique works. This morning I chugged it as my former fraternity boy fiance cheered me on. I think a morning keg stand would have been preferable. I think this is a good lesson in only eating healthy foods that I really like. There are so many delicious healthy foods that forcing myself is not worth it!

Sandwich Thins
I have been looking for these things everywhere! Arnold's is called Orowheat on the West Coast, so that was my first hurdle. As I roamed the aisles every week, I could never find these beauties. I finally got my hands on some at Sam's Club this weekend. I must say, these babies are good, but not great. I can see how they are convenient and good bang for the nutritional buck, but with all the hype I was expecting them to get out of the package and make a sandwich for me. I have a boatload of these guys and will continue to use them for sure!

My fiance has been in the process of all these tastings with me and he loved the kale chips, tolerated the Synergy drink, and will eventually be fed the sandwich thins. He is a pretty adventurous eater but surprised me this morning with a little outburst. I had 2 mini pitas with almond butter and was running late, so I put them together. I also grabbed half of a banana and decided to combine forces and make a sandwich. When I mushed the banana in between the pitas, he just screamed:

"That is just nasty! I've tried the puke juice with you this weekend and have tolerated 3.5 years of pumpkin puree, but what are you eating?"

I thought this was a pretty normal combination. Maybe it was the smashing that offended him!

I would apologize for the lack of pictures in this post, but I'm lazy and will try to make up for it soon. Of course I have more thoughts as well as information I received from a women's health event I just attended.

Peace out my lovely 2-3 readers!