Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Mike!

Today is Mike's birthday. Pardon me for the mushyness, but I kinda really, really, love this guy! Today's post is dedicated to my future hubby (less than 3 months to go- sure you don't want to back out?)

Top 10 things you need to know about Mike:
  • Mike likes efficiency- efficiency is the answer to everything
  • Mike's favorite MMA fighter is Fedor. Look him up- he's dope.
  • One of Mike's many favorite movies is Requiem For a Dream
  • Mike doesn't like surprises and picked his own birthday presents- hello punching bag and HOT shirt
  • Mike loves olives and Trader Joe's Tomato Basil Hummus and eats at least one of those foods ever day of his life
  • Mike's breakfast of choice for the last 3 years have been chocolate chip cookies. Fast metabolism ladies and gents is all I can say!
  • Mike has competed in 2 Brazilian Jiu Jiutsu tournaments and kicked majah booty. He even cut 15 pounds to compete in one of them.
  • Mike is incredibly smart and driven. The boy knows his financial modeling. Sounds hot? It is!
  • Mike is incredibly patient with his loved ones. He waits for me in the mornings while I run around the house like a chicken with my head cut off collecting my items for the work day.
  • Mike makes me smile every single day of my life and even offers to walk me when I have too much energy
Below are some of the best descriptions of the birthday boy doing his thang:

Sushi dinners in which he lets me abuse him:

Throws great parties:

Drops it like it's hot:

Cleans up nice and wears the hell out of those cuff links:

Proposes to a goofball like me in St. Petersburg, Russia:

Follows the 't-shirt optional' policy while on vacation:

Happy birthday to my wonderful future hubby!


Anne said...

Happy birthday, Mike! He sounds like such a cool guy :D

Graze With Me said...

Very cute post! Does Mike read your blog? My husband doesn't - I think he probably forgot the name of it....

That's awesome that you're getting married at the Argonaut! I remember thinking when we were there that it would be a great place for a reception. It's such a beautiful place, I bet you're getting excited!

Mari said...
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Mari said...

Awwww Happy Birthdy STRIPPER! and ha that is one of my fave movies too!!!

One Healthy Apple said...

Thanks ladies!

Yes- he read it, well at least today!

I'm getting very, very excited!

Sam said...

You two make such a sweet couple. Hope all the wedding plans are going well!