Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Busy Bee

Today was a crazy busy day. There were definitely moments when I would look up and realize that I had lost a couple of hours in thin air. Meals were not very structured today, so I kept my energy up with large snacks.

Featured here is some vanilla yogurt with 2 tbsp trailmix and 2 lovely clementines:

As it often happens, I stayed late at work and had no energy to make anything fancy so I had a little buffet for myself- chopped granny smith apple, half banana, and 2 light flat out wraps with 1 tbsp chocolate pb in each- I told you I was going to eat this stuff every day until it's gone.

This meal was still around 500 cals. What do you think of unstructured meals? I know it was carb heavy, but since I already ate my veggies as another snack today, I was perfectly comfortable having this.

I have spent this evening doing some research and exploring my future options. I hope to have some news soon!

I don't feel so bad not posting since I often talk to myself, so prove me wrong!

Question: What are your favorite snacks when you just can't eat?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Favorite snack = PB & banana all warmed up!!!!!