Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday Night Blues

Hello! I'm wrapping up my chores, doing (ahem) homework, and squeezing in a blog post. I had a glorious, wonderful, fantastic weekend. The weather was gorgeous and it was so nice to relax away from work. I enjoy a good challenge, but last week was a little tough on me.

Let's rewind to last night...
We got invited to go out to some local bars with my fiance's friends. It was just the four of us (me and 3 boys) but it was one of the best nights out in a long, long time. I got treated to not one, not two, but three drinks. Something you may not know about me is I don't drink much. It doesn't really agree with me (hate feeling sick after) and I could live without the sugar and empty calories. That said, I was just feeling it last night and the drinks were great.

They bought me a vodka-cranberry-lemonade. Fortunately (or not) it went down like juice...hence my very happy state. We had a great time and danced the night away. This led to some goofy pictures last night (one for your laughs- because I don't remember when 80s hair was in style) and a bit of a headache this morning. I used to party quite a bit in college and I seriously don't know how I did it!

This afternoon I did some meal prep and went to the gym to work off some of the tired feelings I had and do a nice little detox. Here is my workout:

Cardio: 2 mile run in 20 mins (190 cals burned)

Weights: (3 sets each)
-2 different kinds of cables for tris
-Pushups (assisted with the ball like in the picture below)
-Crunches on bosu ball
-Oblique twist machine

Ok, time to shower, write my paper, and call it a night. Hope to be on tomorrow with the wonder of work madness!


Leah said...

Great workout! I need to get a workout ball like that.. they are so versatile! Hope you enjoyed the rest of your Sunday night.. here's to a new week!

Mari said...

Hey mansana! I am glad you had a good weekend! and great job on ur workout!!!!

Ruby said...

Great workout! Haha, I know what you mean about the partying! I never used to understand how people could be so ill from a hangover...but now I do! Drinking water in between really is the best thing. It makes a huge difference!