Saturday, October 10, 2009

I Forgot

Hey kids!  This post is delayed from Friday evening because we violated the too-much-fun-policy and didn't get home in time.

I'm using the new version of Blogger editor, so I hope I don't mess anything up too badly!  Friday evening was spent at the gym, at Whole Foods immediately following, and doing some cardio cleaning and homework in preparation for our house guests!  Everything but the cleaning and homework part made last night an awesome evening!  We also went out with a couple of friends to grab a drink, but ended up at our house just chatting the night away.

Let's back up to the workout-

I had 40 minutes before husband was picking me up and treadmill was all I had on my mind!  I did 2 miles, cooled down, and stretched a lot to give my weak knees some love.  I love going to the gym, but I'm not a huge fan of spending an entire evening there, so this was the perfect amount of time.

We went to Whole Foods on a mission to get a few things- coffee for us, and Ginkgo for me!

Ginkgo biloba was an impulse purchase after a little domestic incident the other day- I left the garage door open overnight- not smart.  While this was an accident, my husband suggested something to help with my memory!  I know I am a little scattered, so I'll give this a try.  The bottle says that this herb improves circulation and memory and maybe the placebo effect will scare me into remembering things better!

Also above is some organic honey for our new coffee venture- honey lattes here we come!  I also had an impulse to purchase some carob chips.  These were just ok- not sure if my taste has changed, but I've had betta.  At least this will be inspiration for baking!

I also cured my post-gym hunger with another egg white sandwich.  I used my new Nature's Pride bread  and added light laughing cow cheese and pesto to the bread- yum!

I also had some help from my intern, who busted in on me taking pictures.  I think he finds himself hilarious:

Well, I'm off to enjoy some more family time and will force myself to write some thank you cards!  I also wanted to make a shout to Jessie at Graze With Me.  She's having a kick-ass giveaway that I would love to win, so don't mess it up for me, deal?

Ciao bellas!


Abby (Abbys Vegan Eats) said...

ahh.. thank you cards! We were soooo relieved when we got those done! It's such a feeling of accomplishment! Enjoy the time with you fam :)

The Candid RD said...

You have an intern? What kind of intern?
The egg sandwich looks great, especially with the LAughing Cow!

Just an FYI, I took a course on complementary medicines and I learned that there is no scientific evidence that gingko helps with memory (just in case it was expensive, I wouldn't waste my money...placebo effect may work though!).

One Healthy Apple said...

Sorry! I call my husband my intern because he likes to help me take pictures!

I have also read the studies on gingko and know it's not a real, but I'll give it a try!