Friday, December 25, 2009

Calories Don't Count on Birthdays

Hey Kids!  I hope you are all enjoying your day, no matter what you are doing!  So far I have accomplished breakfast, a push-up competition, and watching a lot of TV!  Yesterday was much more exciting, but we have lots planned for today too!
Yesterday consisted of a very drawn out workout.  I had a big breakfast and could not digest it at all until after 1:00 PM.  I went cardio shopping to warm up since one of the gyms we go to is in the mall!

I got this top:

I also got a blue top and a white Jackie O. inspired jacket.  After my warm up, I ran .7 of a mile on the treadmill at the gym.  When I got home I set out for a run outside and enjoyed the weather while running a little under 2 miles.  This was big since the last few times I ran outside I injured myself in one way or another.  I think running on the grass helped this time.  I also came home and boxed on our punching bag to Lady Gaga's Bad Romance and did a bunch of lunges and stretching.

Baking & Celebrating

Since we were going to have dinner and I had more of an audience than my hubby I decided to make some desserts.

  • Brown rice crispies treats with dark chocolate M&M's drizzled with chocolate
  • Dark chocolate covered cranberry pecan clusters
  • White chocolate covered almonds
  • Espresso brownies
It was all healthy because brown rice and dark chocolate are good for you.  Also, calories don't count on birthdays and holidays.  We had lots to celebrate, including my big bro's birthday.

Since we didn't have enough dessert, we also enjoyed these desserts brought by my sister in law from TJ's.

It was a par-tay since my parents just came back from their tropical vacation!  My dad brought some trailmix from their all inclusive vacay.  He is a food blogger in training!

My nephew spent most of the evening getting down with the new toy he got from my parents:

It was the coolest toy I have ever seen, and bilingual, just like him! 
That's all I've got for you.  It's a beautiful day and I think a bike ride and a possible trip to the movie theater are on the schedule!  I love not having anything planned!


Anonymous said...

ah i love your holiday eating attitude!
merry christmas!

Anonymous said...

amazzing post title hahah :) and the eats look & sound amazing.

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Calories don't count on birthdays, Christmas, vacation, etc. :-)

Jessica said...

Hahaha they certainly DON'T count this wknd - you are right! :)

Tricia said...

Everything looked delish!