Thursday, December 3, 2009

Post 149!

Happy Second Best Day of the Week!  I'm ready for this week to come to a close.  I have some fun plans this weekend, as well as some homework to get to.

Since I've been lazy on my blog duties, I'll share a couple of meal highlights because we all know I've been eating.  I haven't gone grocery shopping this week, so meals have been interesting, just ask the hubby! 
This morning was a pleasant surprise when I discovered that I was almost out out of almond butter.  I enjoyed it in my favorite classy restaurant, Chez Car on the way to work:

I put some frozen fruit in my oatbran and it made way too much.  I have overflow oatbran ready for me tomorrow too!  Sorry about the nasty nails.  I took my acrylic nails off because they were getting in the way of my iPhone (priorities, people!) and now I'm at that ugly growth stage.

On Wednesday I had this super salad at work:

Lots of ginger, spinach, kale, mushrooms, tofu, kim chee, one falafel ball, and I think black beans.  I don't do well in buffet situations!
Today's lunch was simple but good!

Two hardboiled eggs, salt, pepper, and goat cheese for my apple.  I ate with my hands and it was very filling.  I also had a handful of mixed nuts for my lunch dessert.

Why FAT is Phat!
If you would have asked me to eat this a couple of years ago, I would have laughed in your face.  I was still getting over the genius low fat diet of the 90's and I avoided fat at all costs.  Who came up with that diet?  It was OK to eat white flour bagels with fat free cream cheese and have gummy bears for dessert, yet almonds were off limits.  Just like the Atkins Diet, a lot of fads start with great marketing and prey on consumers looking for a quick fix.  The low fat diet loaded our bodies with additional sugar, chemicals, and even more calories, yet it took a while for people (including me) to realize the disadvantages of cutting out any single dietary group or nutrient. 
These days I eat my fats in the form of raw or roasted almonds, fatty fish like salmon, olive oil, and avocado.  I still don't eat butter because I think it's gross (So sorry, Jessica) and I can't handle much full-fat cow's dairy because it makes me sick.  Most of the blogging community is fully committed to nut butters of every kind as well as some of the other healthy fats and I think that's awesome!  If you aren't adding fats into your diet, here are some of my favorite benefits of dietary fat:
  • Fats keep you full since fats digests slower than carbs
  • Fats can protect your heart
  • Fats make all your lady functions work!
  • Fats help maintain your weight
I don't have references for these facts, but I have read them over and over again in all the magazines, so they must be true!  Of course, like everything else- portion control is key.
Did you fall into the stupid 90's Fat Free Craze?  How long did it take you to fall out of it?

In other news, I'm on post 149.  I rambled on, but on to bigger and better things!  Tomorrow will be POST 150 and that means showtime for hubby!  I hope you're ready for this- it's gonna be HUGE (TWSS)!


Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

I have gone for fat free in the past - but I never got crazy about it, and it would only last a month or maybe two at a time. I stopped all that garbage though!

Anonymous said...

i actually don't get too concerned w/ fat free.. and i liked your paragrapha bout why fat is good :) also, love the oats to go!!


*Naomi* said...

love fats : ) they are my fav food group!!

thanks for your comment on my blog regarding thsi holiday season! hannukah is so soon! yay! did you ask for anything special?

Jessica said...

Hahahahah, no butter?!? Darn.

Abbys Vegan Eats said...

Almost 150!! WOW, how fun. Im loving that jar of oat bran.. how delish!!
Fat is essential!! yaa fat.. I used to be alllll fat free. Not a nice picture. lol :)

Anne said...

Those oats look delicious! And I used to be afraid of fats, but I agree with you. Fats are essential, and it's important to get healthy fats :)

Anne Marie said...

Been there, done that with the fat free craze. I still eat the fat free things once in a while, but have found that sometimes the real stuff is much, much bette!

Mari said...

I can't wait to see what he comes up with!!!

Yums that jar of oats looks so good =)

Amanda (Two Boos Who Eat) said...

I am so over the fat-free stage! Now I just try to eat lower fat products and smaller portions.

katie said...

Totally agree on fats!

I have nut butter every day!

I'd love for you to check outmy blog - new giveaway later today and music!


Missy said...

I also used to be afraid of fat but realized how important they are! Now I am hooked on avocados!!