Saturday, January 16, 2010


Hey Guys!  I checked the 'ole blog and I can't believe I haven't posted since Monday!  That's insanity, if you ask me.  I've enjoyed reading all your comments on pizza and though it may seem that I may have vanished from a pizza overdose, I'm back and kickin!  I guess I can say that I am a pizza girl now!

First, a little explanation...
Besides chowing down on pizza, I've been extremely busy at work and it's also the first week back at school.  People have busy seasons and I think that I just have busy years given the industry I work in.  Unfortunately this week I have not been successful at balancing it all and it caught up with me.  I learned a lot this week and I have some work to do in stress management. I'm putting together an action plan to kick this whole thing's bootay and get back to my normal self!  I'm over it and that's all!

Now the Food...
Of course you know I've been eating.  It's what I do, yo!  Here are some highlights:
Butternut squash and ketchup lake:

Roasted veggies with a hardboiled egg (this same meal was eaten a thousand times this week):

Oats in a jar (with morning Cali sunshine):

New raw bar from Starbuck's:

 I was really interested in the company's story when I read it online.  Check out their site 2 Moms in the Raw and give them a try.  No, I wasn't paid to do this.  I'm not that big of a deal (yet)!
Another roasted veggie meal variation:

This time I had it with organic chicken and I hated eating the meat.  I have been fighting a meat aversion for months now, and although I'm not 100% sure, I just don't like meat.  I'll see how things go, but I might be making a lifestyle change that has been looming to becoming a veggie and occasional fish eater.  Does that mean pescatarian?  I dunno.  I'll let you know later :)

Pumpkin pancakes:

With all the madness, I have only made it to the gym on Sunday, Thursday, and Friday.  Today will make my 4th workout for the week and I'm OK with that.  Four times works in my book and I'm not putting any extra stress on myself, so no reason to feel bad.

My company is painting our office.  I sit next to the brightest green wall ever.  I tried to take a picture but it didn't even show how neon the color is:

I feel like I can shoot videos with this as the background and then put a Star Wars background on it. Hmm....I may have found a way to make some extra money!

New word of the week:
defenestrate: a throwing of a person or a thing out of the window source
My editor friend at work taught me and I've been practicing it in sentences all week long!  Give it a try!

I'm off to enjoy my weekend and I will try to check in with you soon!  I hope you have a glorious Saturday :)


Katie ♥ said...

Yeah Mike about died eating what he got last night at the vegan place, he was a trooper, I told him to stop eating it, and I still love him and if he ever pisses me off I will make him eat that stuff, lol!!!!

Im glad your back love, you have been busy wow!!! I think going to the gm 4 days is great a week, you dont need to go 6 or 7 days a week, unless you are training or its whatever your body feels good doing or what you want : )

Im loving your eats, the bar from Starbux looks so good, will have to scope that out : )

Yum pumpkin pancakes, those are always amazing!!!

Have a great weekend girl!!!! xoxo

Anna @ Newlywed, Newly Veg said...

Yep, it was our first week back at school too-- always a busy one!! Welcome back, sista!

Abbys Vegan Eats said...

Loving all those roasted veggie dishes!! YUM

Um the green wall?? Wow, thats intense. Im assuming it will grow on you!

Happy weekend :)

Anonymous said...

yayya that you are back girl!! LOVE all those eats..especially the pancakes..they look delish in a messy sort of way!

Tricia said...

Enjoy your weekend!

Jessica @ How Sweet said...

Glad you are back girl! Thanks for the sweet comment tonight. :)

Jill@QuarterLifeWellness said...

Just found your blog! Love it! Sorry to hear about your busy week, hopefully you might get a little R & R this weekend!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

LOL - Throwing people out of windows!! They have a word for that!!