Friday, January 8, 2010

The Stupid Wagon

Hey Kids!  I'm back to regular posting before I get reported for some kind of child exploitation.  Yesterday I learned from Miss Eating Machine that it's acceptable to post pictures of cute kids who are related to you but I was starting to feel a little creepy.

The Food
Last night I ate Jessica's Crabmeat Stuffed Eggplant.  OMG.  Seriosly, OMG.  This was genius.  I love vegetables and this covered all my bases.  I made it several days ago and the recipe is definitely doable and worth the effort.  I had to pimp it out with some spicy sauce because I'm not happy unless I can't feel my face:

Today I had this fabulous chili that my coworker gave me (apparently it's a Weight Watchers recipe):

And some leftover fruit from a meeting I scrounged up in the fridge:

Dinner tonight was an eggwhite/hot sauce bomb with carrots for eggplant hummus dippage:

Falling Off el Wagon
Not to sound like Seinfeld, but what do people really mean when they fall off the wagon?  I have been around a little while (a quarter of a century, thank you much), and I don't think I like the wagon sometimes. You can't eat copious amounts of chocolate and cookies without the guilt.  The wagon also makes one feel bad for not going to the gym when he or she is simply too lazy or tired.  The wagon can suck, right?  It's hard work running after the damn wagon and sometimes the little bugger pushes me off and leaves me in its dust.

What I mean in my ramblings is that yesterday I had an extra snack, didn't feel like exercising on my bum knee, and ate mini brownies with almond butter and dates for dessert just because I felt like it.  Nobody noticed but me.  And guess what?  I'm still alive today.  I didn't melt, I didn't eat junk all day long, I just got back up and chased that stupid wagon.  Every day can't be perfect and I certainly can't aspire to be.  I think that's where balance comes in and I hate balance sometimes.

I've had a recurring knee injury (patellar tendonitis) that basically makes my knees hurt when I do high impact activities and it started acting up this week.  This means that running has to slow down.  It also means that my brain needs to adjust and wait for my body to heal itself.  Today I ellipticalized my little heart out and rocked out on the bike to some music but it was not nearly as rewarding as my runs.  Then I did 15 real pushups and used the foam roller for my legs and went back to feeling like a diva.  Balance. 

This dessert also helped me feel tons better:

(Cottage cheese, carob chips, cocoa powder, pumpkin butter, M&M's)

The plan of attack is to increase my stretching, dig up my physical therapy exercises, focus on strength training, and see a doctor in the near future if it doesn't feel better.  Last time this injury body slammed me off the wagon, but this time it's got no chance!  Happy Weekend!

What are your thoughts on falling of the wagon?


Jessica @ How Sweet said...

I am so glad you liked the eggplant girl!!

Katie ♥ said...

I like your tidbit on falling off the wagon, I used to feel so crappy if I had say icecream or something really not healthy, even though I eat very healthy 80% of the time, I would feel like crap the next day, but I changed that, your right, I didn't die the next day, didn't suddenly overnight gain 10 lbs, It was just all in my head, I feel better now and when I do treat myself it doesn't affect me like it used to!!!

I will let you know how the new stuff is I got, but did you mean the xanathan gum or that green super powder stuff? Didnt know which one you meant!!

Have a beautiful day love!!!!!

Estela @ Weekly Bite said...

I know how you feel about "falling off the wagon" Sometimes I just have days where I feel blah. I just try to keep my head and stay positive :)

Have a great Saturday :)

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

I don't try to stay on any kind of wagon - I just eat what I want and what makes me feel good in moderation. I don't feel guilty about what I eat, because most of the time I put very healthy foods into my body.

chrystad72 said...

Awesome eats btw. I love your thoughts on "falling off the wagon" I think sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves to be on the wagon (so to speak) My whole mantra is moderation. I work out eat the best that I can and if I somehow decide that I want to eat a piece of delcious cake or skip a workout well the world is not going to end. Its a lifestyle one day here and there isnt going to make a difference.

Great topic!! I so hope you are having a wonderful start to your weekend!

Anonymous said...

holy moly that stuffed eggplant looks fantastic :)
I've never had cottage cheese as dessert - must try asap!

Anonymous said...

loev eggplant
& i totally agree- as long as you are healthy most of the time, it doesn't matte rif you have a day every now & then where you completely indulge!!

Mari said...

Yums that eggplant looks so good!

I think as long as we live a healthy lifestyle 90 percent of a time, we are allowed to indulge the other 10!

Screw the Wagon! lol

Nelly said...

I think it is great to take breaks anyways...and stretch! Yoga and pilates and plain old stretching! LOVE the sweets....