Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Food Fairy Visited Me!

Hey Amigas!  I loved reading all your 'you know you're a blogger when' stories!  I'm hoping your day was great and if not, it's less than 2 days till the weekend begins, so let's fake it till we make it!

My day?  Meh.  My night?!  Amazing! Let's rewind.  I ate lunch in 5 minutes flat between conference calls.  After I ate all my veggies, I created this treat from the food at work to get some protein and more energy in:
  • Whole grain waffle, strawberry yogurt, sprinkle of granola and almonds.  So good. soooo good!
After work I went to the gym and made a deal with myself that if I didn't want to stay longer than 20 minutes, I could leave.  I didn't and stayed for an hour.  I even got back into what is hopefully my new consistent lifting schedule.
I came home and had this for dinner:
  • My favorite thins with a laughing cow wedge and wild smoked salmon, sugar snap peas, and tomato and basil hummus dip
I also had an apple pie (pie warmed in the micro for 90 seconds with a dollop of Greek yogurt and cinnamon scooped up with a little almond butter):
And this slipped in too:
  • Treat of the day- 2 mini brownie sandwich with almond butter.  I almost died of happiness.
It was the best thing that happened today, until I opened my mail!  I got two packages.  First, the Chia Fairy visited me from
Thank you Don!  If you haven't entered my giveaway yet, do it now!

Next, this girl who just posted about how she sometimes dresses like a Fairy sent me this adorable birthday gift.  I was floored by the kind gesture.  Thank you sooooooo much Katie!  I love it all!
First, it was in this cute bag:
Then it had so much amazing goodness in it:
  • Strawberry banana gum, cacao powder to sample, mini robin eggs, Archer Farms Chocolate Peanut Banana mix, a yummy Luna bar, a fabulous Mojo bar, and a cookie book!  
I opened the card first (I have some manners, ya know!) and it is the cutest thing ever:

If I don't post in a while, it's because I'm passed out in my kitchen from eating all the trailmix, bars, eggs, and baking cookies! Thank again luv!

P.S. Rose from On A Lobster Placemat was kind enough to humor me and post my interview on her adorable and artsy blog.  Check it out!

Mari is having a Pop Chips giveaway!

I hope you have a great day/night!  I'm in such a great mood despite having so much homework and work work.  A little positivity goes a long way, so try to find some in your life!

What made you happy today? My blog and my blog amigas made me happy!


Jessica @ How Sweet said...

Oh yummy idea with that brownie sandwich. How delish! :)

Anna @ Newlywed, Newly Veg said...

What an adorable bag!

I LOVE smoked salmon-- it's one of the things I miss the most since going veg!

Fashion Meets Food said...

Your waffle looks so good! Katie is such a sweetie what an adorable gift bag and gift!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

My morning smoothie made me happy today (so far) ... it is packed with nutrients!

Mo Diva said...

that doggie card made me happiest today. it is the cutest thing! Aweomse eats and such nice goodies!

Gabriela said...

That's such a great package! Katie is a sweetheart :) The salmon looks great- love me some good seafood!

Anonymous said...

yay for positivity- it is amazing how far it can take us!! and smoked salmon is sooo good- love bagels and cream cheese w/ it! haha. great package too :)

PamperME said...

Mansana, you better keep Mari away from those robin eggs! ;) hehe!

Katie ♥ said...

Awwwwww Love!!! Glad you got your package!! Happy soon to be Birthday!!! I am so happy you enjoyed the goodies!! Those robin eggs are one of my fave easter candies, and I hope you like the cacao powder, figure try it before you spend the money on a bag, you are such a great friend to me on here and wanted to just send you a little birthday love!!!

Glad you enjoyed it!! Im loving the apples and greek yogurt dessert!! Looks so good and so does the brownie sandwich!!!

Love ya girl!!! xoxo

Andrea @Celery In The City said...

WOW, good job at the gym! I always make deals with myself too. If I can get to 20, I can stop, then when I'm at 15 minutes, if I get to 25..I can stop lol. What made me happy today? Kirstie Alley making out on a TV screen on Oprah and hitting the -50 pound mark.

Anne Marie said...

What made me happy was not working today. I love the brownie and almond butter idea-two things that I LOVE!!

Julie said...

So glad you found me!! Happy Birthday on Sunday :) I hope you have a fun weekend.

lizzy said...

hey chica!! the waffle yogurt combo at works looks amazingly delicious...and healthy too! I'm loving your brownie sandwich! and your gift bag is ADORABLE what a great way to end the day! :) I hope you have a fabulous weekend! the SUN made me happy well as swimming outside in it! :)
xoxo's to you gorgeous girlie!!

YOURuniqueyouMYuniqueme said...

You're waffle looks delicious, I love having yogurt on top, whats also good is spreading peanutbutter, or any but butter underneath! :)

Im new to blogging if you have a chance check out my blog!