Monday, February 15, 2010

President's Day

Dear Presidents,
Thank you for being born and for giving me the day off work!  You have allowed me to watch The Jersey Shore girls get a makeover on Rachael Ray while I drink my homemade latte and eat my lumberjack breakfast.  You rule!

OK- now that I got this off my chest, I'm gonna get to my updates!  First of all, I would like you to meet my new friends.  These boys will help me work on my fitness:
They are the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10 and feel like little pillows of heaven on my feet.  I did the following workout in them and my feet and knees feel wonderful today, although my legs are a good sore:
  • 30 mile treadmill intervals- 2 mile run and a little less than 1 mile of  incline walking
  • 10 minutes stairmill
  • Power kicks (lunge back, come up on one foot, kick out, then come back to a lunge)
  • Bosu ball tricep dips
  • Bosu ball planks
  • Donkey kicks with a 3 pound weight
  • Streeeeeetttttttttching
I was thrilled to get back to the gym after a 10-day hiatus!  It felt so good and just what I needed to feel better.

I just finished my breakfast of a homemade latte that my hubby helped me make:
OK, so I only steamed the milk.
I did make this 2-egg, broccoli, and spinach scramble:
My secret ingredient was this spice mix we picked up in New Orleans:
I originally picked it up for the name (because I'm very mature) but I am really enjoying it.  It is a white pepper blend and adds the perfect kick.  I do know that a little goes a long way, as I poured a hefty portion into my hubby's lunch the other day and it cleared his sinuses and made his face burn for a few hours!

I've gotta get dressed into big people clothes because I'm getting ready to start my day which may include a little shopping! 
See you all later!


Estela @ Weekly Bite said...

I LOVE getting new running shoes!!! It always makes me feel like exercising more :)

Jessica @ How Sweet said...

Have a great day shopping! I am jealous. :)

Mo Diva said...

lol @ slap ya mama! LOL

cute sneakers

and i love the presidents for the day off!

Gabriela said...

I have those exact same shoes! I left them at my apartment and took a run in my old ones this morning since I'm at my parents' house. Many can I feel the difference! Enjoy the rest of your President's day!

Healthy. Happy. Well. said...

haha love the name of the spice mix! Sounds zippy. I love returning to the gym after a hiatus, it feels so good! Love the new sneaks!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

It is a holiday in Canada too, but for us it is Family Day!!

Sounds like you have the perfect day planned!!!

Abby said...

OOH hope you enjoy shopping!! Getting new shoes is always so exciting.. makes you wanna work out! lol

Have a super day off, hun ;)

sophia said...

Hope you had a fun shopping! I think its hilarious that you refer to it as "big people clothes", lol.

Angie said...

I love your thank you to the Presidents!! Priceless!

Mom on the Run said...

I also thanked the president's today. I actually have the whole week off :)

I love your New Orleans find. They have the best spices. I love the name of that one.

Katie ♥ said...

Oh my Gosh!!! Love the slap ya mama spice!!! Lol!! Poor hubby got overload!! Oh my that had to suck!!

I'm loving the new gym shoes, I heard amazing things about that brand!!!

Love the homemade latte too!!! How did ur hubby do that?

Oh and the cacao powder I will let u know, put some in a breakfast cookie to eat tomorrow morning!!

I need to buy chia seeds, never have yet!! Goji berries rock!!! Yay for whole foods in our lives!! If our lover mikes ever leave us we will always have whole foods !! Lol!!

Love u!!!!!! Xoxo

how did u miss the pomegranate seeds at tj's?? Next time look very hard!! Hehehe!!