Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Craving Veggies

Hi guys!  I'm so glad you share my love of chocolate covered fruit.  Also, because there is fruit and dark chocolate involved, I feel good for bringing you a new health food. You're welcome.

Now let's get to today's post because I ain't getting any younger here.  It's a rare occasion when I don't get my daily recommended veggies.  I often eat a freakish amount of produce at the amazement of my coworkers and the dismay of my husband because this habit takes me grocery shopping about 5 times a week.  I realized that Monday and Tuesday were very veggie light, so today was my veggie catch up day- I was actually craving fresh veggies.

I conveniently forgot my lunch and hit up the salad bar near my building at work:
  • Spinach, green peppers, salsa, black beans, baby corn, hummus, scoop of 2 pasta salads and celery slices
It was delightful!  I doubled up on more veggies for dinner with an eggwhite, zucchini, and boatload of green bean scramble:

I demolished this after work, post hitting up el gym where I focused on chest and tris after 35 minutes of cardio intervals.  I feel like Jell-O so all is well in my world!

Don't worry- I made sure to get in my snack of the day.  May I present the Starbucks cookie:

Don't worry- I'm still good with vegetables here.  Chocolate is made from the cacao plant. Are you following my logic?

I think I'm good and balanced for now.  Just in case, I've packed my lunch wrap (wild salmon, spinach, broccoli slaw, peanut sauce, thai spice mix) for tomorrow and made sure to include enough green stuff.  Here is your preview:
Questions for you: Do you balance your veggies throughout the day?  Or are you like me and make sure to get a good balance throughout the week? I clearly don't worry too much about getting all the right nutrients on the daily but look at it on a weekly basis.  For example, I think I fulfilled my bread requirement on Tuesday so I'm good for a couple of days!


Jessica @ How Sweet said...

Hahahah don't think I need to answer that question...

but I do TRY to eat veggies. After one bite I almost barf.

Anna @ Newlywed, Newly Veg said...

lol...oh, the magnificent Starbucks cookie. LOVE those things :-)

Gabriela said...

I try to eat veggies every day, but some are better than others, so it all balances out! If I feel like I've been slacking, I just make a ginormous salad to make up for it :)

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

I try to get the balance in a day, but sometimes don't do too well ... so the weekly thing would be better for me.

I totally need a Trader Joe's shopping list!!!

Anne Marie said...

I try to get a lot of veggies in throughout my week. I'm better at getting in my fruit though!

Beth @ DiningAndDishing said...

I really try to eat my veggies every day but often don't get ANY until dinner. It's something I'm definitely working on.

Mo Diva said...

chocolate cookie = vegetable... nice!

Katie ♥ said...

Hey love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Glad you got a great workout in!!! My legs felt like jeloo after doing squats yesterday and my booty hurts today!! Good thing though!!!

Im trying to type this comment while Starla is jumping all over me, lol!!

Love that wrap combo, looks so good!!

I usually get my veggies in a t night !! Sometimes in the day!! I dont really focus on getting enough or worrying, I just eat them daily , thats for sure!!!

Oh cookie yum!! My fave cookie from starbucks is their huge M&M ones!! Anthony loves them too!!

love u!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

hahah i LOVE your veggie logic! chocolate is basically a veggie!! great thinking!

Mom on the Run said...

Starbucks also has cupcakes that my kids are now in love with.

I try to spread the veggie love in a day. The only meal I don't get them in is breakfast.

Katie said...

I love the cookie logic! I have been trying to get better about veggies lately. I've been experimenting with eggplant and other veggies that I normally wouldn't have touched in the past. Baby steps!

*Naomi* said...

I LOVE veggiesssss...but do not like them with my breakfast, i prefer that to be on the sweeter side ;)

that sbux cookie looks awesome! I heard they are really great and taste very homemade!

Andrea @ said...

Awesome salad for lunch! And I find that I eat veggies throughout the day. Without trying, it just ends up that I consume a &%$# load of vegetables. Haha.
I think your weekly approach sounds really good and balanced though!
A more macro-view of your personal nutrition is always good.
Have a great night!

Simply Life said...

oooh I wish I had a salad bar near where I work!

Ana said...

I try to incorporate veggies in every meal I eat. Love veggies and chocolate ;)