Monday, April 12, 2010

What exactly will YOU be doing at the gym?

Hey friends!  Thank you so much for the fashion votes.  I think my fuchsia shoes are in.  The bonus is that they are pretty tall, which means I'll tower over the world at something over 5'4".  Score!  I almost regretted posting the picture thinking I would get some negative comments, but your sweet faces didn't let that happen!

Moving on!   Today when my hubby picked me up from my train ride, he thought that he had arrived too early and that I would be coming on the next train.  He saw the first crowd of people step out of the station (those who have the sharpest elbows), next came the second wave of passengers, walking at a moderate pace and scooting out towards their respective cars.  Finally, came the stragglers, including senior citizens, those too busy playing with their cell phones, and the other gentle souls who couldn't elbow their way out of the train.  Guess who came hobbling out next?  ME!  I'm usually a fast walker and appear somewhere between the first and second wave of commuters, so when hubby saw me standing on the escalator and cruising down, he laughed.
Remember when I said I lifted shoulders, abs, and legs on Sunday? Guess what hurt today the second I hopped out of my bed?  My shoulders, abs, and legs!   It hurts to walk up and down stairs and forget getting up and down from my chair at work!  Lifting my arms over my head?  No thanks!  Oh, and please don't make me laugh because it hurts! We were on our way to the gym tonight and after a few laughs, he asked, 'What exactly will you be doing at the gym?!?'
Ah- well this brings me to my long-winded point.  Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) is perfectly normal.  From time to time, it means that I didn't cruise through a workout and worked hard, so I'm a little sore the next day.  Most of the soreness described above is just more of my drama, so I felt a little movement would be best to get the blood flowing and make the soreness go away.  My movement consisted of 30 minutes on the regular bike and 15 minutes on the recumbent bike.  Nope, I did not go crazy and sweat up a storm, but the movement and the stretching after did wonders for my tin man legs!
Any other time, I would have gone home and not done anything, but as I have learned, working out is not about all or nothing.  It's about pushing yourself, but also taking care of your body.  These are all great lessons to keep in mind as I pay my annual membership fee tonight for another year of fitness lovin' for my body.

So you thought I would leave you with no food tonight?  No way!  I had my own personal salad bar salad:
I raided my fridge for spinach, cherry tomatoes, 2 mini egg quiches, marinated tempeh, multi-grain salad with Papa Namaste's sauce for dressing!  I dressed it with sweet chili sauce and it was spicy, tasty goodness!

Have you learned any lessons from working out? Mine are: 
1. You don't know you can't do it until you tried and proved it.  Most likely you CAN do it- so give the new class, machine, interval workout a try!
2. A rest day or two are worth it.  You'll be back with more energy next time!
3. If you can comfortably read a novel or talk with a friend on your cell phone (seen it), try taking it up a notch because you can probably work a little harder
4. Something is better than nothing.  If it sucks after 10 minutes, go home!
Tell me your tips!


Anna @ Newlywed, Newly Veg said...

Great post! Even when I think working out is going to be ROUGH, I usually try to suck it up and at least give it ten minutes, with the promise to myself that if I really want to quit after that, I can. And I never want to :-)

Anne Marie said...

My favorite tip I've learned is that I never regret going to the gym, but I always regret not going.

Amanda (Two Boos Who Eat) said...

I have major DOMs right now. It hurts soooo bad. I took a day off to recover and I feel tons better today. (Still sore but I can tough it out!)

Mari said...

Hey chica!

My number one tip is to listen to your body! Which is something I have to remind myself...I usually ignore my body and before I know it, I get an injury which is no bueno =/

Kudos for going to the gym and doing something =)

RamblingBabushka said...

My thighs were on FIRE just yesterday from a killer workout on Saturday. I have DOMS on a regular basis and I swear I'm just getting used to it. If I'm not sore somewhere, I don't even feel like myself. I've learned that by pushing myself, I can now lift heavier than I ever thought possible. Nothing is quite as exciting as watching a grown, bulky man try and muster as much strength as you as if competing, and they can't. HAHAHA! Makes me laugh every time!

Lauren said...

Hi :) Just came across your blog! So cute!

My tips are:

1) Always have 1-2 days per week to rest

2) Listen to your body! If you need more than a day or two, take it you'll have a killer wkout the next day

3) Mix it up. Try fun workout classes, outdoor activities to fight gym boredom

4) Have fun!

Kady @ Livin, Lovin, Learnin said...

I love how strong I feel after a good rest day! They're so important! Getting in a little movement feels so good when you're sore. And you're right about not needing exercise to be all or nothing - just doing a little bit is better than none at all for sure! When I'm tired or sore (and not in real need of a rest day), I always say to myself "just take an easy 10-minute walk" and before I know it I'm cruising through a whole workout! Getting started is the hardest part.

Gina said...

I love that. I would still go to the gym too, if I were sore, I would just work different parts. Like you, I think that it's good to be sore sometimes, as it indicates that you really pushed yourself to a healthy limit. I love it! And yes, rest days are a must. In fact, tomorrow is one for me!

Andrea @ said...

Love the takeaway messages in this post! You are so so right- something is always better than nothing. I love that you recognize this and that you encourage challenging ourselves. It's so easy to just stick to routine and easy paces, but we can do so much more than we believe we are capable of! I always think of the quote "whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right." THis is so true because negativity can be so self defeating and positivity can really power you through. Just believing in yourself makes all the difference!

I also loooove your salad! I'm such a fan of big bowls of veg and different toppings!