Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Getting Creative With Exercise

I hope you are having a great week and enjoying the first few days of summer.  Thank you for all of your support while I was writing my paper and accidentally ignoring you.  I finally got some sleep this weekend and I am close to being human again!

As I whined earlier, I'm on a bit of a medical-induced exercise hiatus because of my toe.  I can do anything that doesn't involve shoes, putting weight on my right foot or swimming because of the germy chemical situation (personal trainers- how about me for a client!?).  I have to admit I was bummed and still a little mopey (and fine- perhaps I say mean things when I see people frolicking outside or running), but I have decided to try my BEST.  I know it's only temporary and people have had much bigger problems.  I have been doing some fun new exercises and wanted to share them with you.

1. Pilates- I use a Shape Magazine DVD and it's a great 30 minute workout
2. I am joining a yoga studio!  yogaworks is a fancy shmancy studio in my city and I tried them out on Monday.  I have been missing some yoga in my life so I'm going for it.
P.S. That link takes you to a promotion if ya wanna try them.
3. We went cherry picking on Sunday.  It was so much fun!
I mostly supervised, but I picked a few as well.
4. Lots of planks with my new personal trainer who is hard core.  Move over Jillian.
5. Bicep curls and scaring your loved ones
I have no food updates for you- just enjoying all the fresh fruit and trying to keep my hands out of the cookie jar while overloading on fiber.  Story of my life :)

Coming Soon...
I am going to be traveling to Indianapolis, Indiana for business at the end of the week and will try to check in then.  Lots of hotel excitement!
My favorite guest blogger will be back to talk about one of his favorite hobbies.  Here is a hint:
I hope you are enjoying your week and I'll talk to you soon!

Question for you: What makes you happy? 
For me, it has to be family, friends, good weather, good food, and sparkly things.


Ruby said...

Bummer about your toe! I think doing strength training could help you feel stronger and I often find I skimp on it if I can go out running or whatever. You could become BUFF by the time your toe heals (haha heels...)

Anne Marie said...

Aww I hope your toe feels better! What makes me happy is God, my family and friends!

Missy said...

Sorry about your toe! Sounds like you have some nice backup plans! We have a Yogaworks around here and it is super nice too.

Mo Diva said...

Have a good time on your trip and i hope your injury gets better soon. I hate being limited physically!
missed ya!

Ellen @ FirednFabulous said...

Ice-coffee, froyo, oatmeal and vino usually put a smile on my face. Oh and my friends, bf and fam of course ;)


Gabriela said...

Right now, total happiness can be achieved with only three things: cuddling with the boyf, dark chocolate and being warm. Even better if it's all at the same time :) Happy hump day!

Kelsey said...

omg i hope you LOVE yogaworks!! thats so exciting! <3


Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

People make me happy!!!

A beautiful day spent with good friends or my family makes me happier than anything!!