Monday, September 27, 2010

Taking the Hard Way Out

First- I wanted to thank you all again for voting for me to make it round 2 of Project Food Blog.  I was not going to enter at all (you'll see why later) and I really appreciate the effort you take to vote for me.  For real.

Taking the Hard Way Out
Yesterday I woke up, finally in my own bedroom after being away from home for a work trip for three days.  I was tired, I was cranky, but I knew I wanted to get a yoga class in and planned to go to the intermediate class this afternoon.  I did a few errands around the house, grocery shopped, made my blog entry, (which took longer than anyone would imagine) and of course was running late.  Well, being perpetually late doesn't work for me since my studio locks the doors exactly when the class starts.  Fashionably late is not an option here.  And guess what?! I got locked out of the intermediate class. 

I panicked and started walking to my car, but remembered the advanced vinyasa class that started just ten minutes later.  I took this class once before and it was hard, like really hard.  I sucked it up and went to the class.

Did I excel?  Heck no.  I used all of the tools- blocks, straps, extra padding with the blanket, and even had to come down to child's pose to rest.  I lost my balance a lot and I sweated like a chubby kid in front of a chocolate cake.  The teacher, a man who looks like Genie from Aladdin (if he were a real person, of course), came over and corrected me- stretching my screaming tight hamstrings.  Have I mentioned I'm the least flexible person, like ever?  It's true.  In the end, it was one of the best classes I ever took and I appreciated the experience more than my comfort zone classes. 

If left to my own devices, I take the easy way out when it comes to physical activity.  Every hard hike I ever took with my husband began with many excuses, bargaining, and exit strategies.  I even started making future excuses for our upcoming trip- a trip we have been planning for over a year. 

I'm still trying to figure out where these actions and excuses come from.  I'm at a healthy weight, fit, and have been exercising pretty regularly for about 14 years.  I'm no longer the fat kid faced with the dreaded mile in middle school, I'm no longer the slowest kid in class, and I can probably do a lot of stuff if I just took the hard way out.  I am making a goal to push myself out of my comfort zone- in my workouts and in other aspects.

Question for you: What have you done lately to take the hard way out?
For me, it was this yoga class, and going to grad school while working full time and planning a wedding


kalin said...

i just made myself live through a run where i was dyyyying. but i did it. josh asked if i wanted to stop or get water. i refused because if i stopped i might not wanna start again.
and now i'm icing my shins. they hate me.

MelissaNibbles said...

I totally relate to the making excuses thing. Especially the hiking one! MY bf loves to hike and me...not so much. I've faked sick to get out of it! All we can do is keep trying to do better and not make excuses for ourselves. Don't overdo it either though!

Jessica @ How Sweet said...

Wow - props to you! I can make excuses easily since I wake up so early to work out. It is REALLY hard for me to not make excuses, even tho I love it!

Biochemista said...

Give yourself some credit, yoga is HARD! :)

Anonymous said...

Way to go! I'm proud of you for taking the tough yoga class. I'm trying to think of something I did lately. Hmm, last month I made myself go for my long run even though it was 90 and humid. Yuck. I felt better for getting it done though!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Good for you for taking the tough class girl! It is really good to push ourselves, or else we will never grow. I took the hard way out by taking 3 grad classes this semester, when most full time teachers only take 1 a semester max.

Mo Diva said...

for me, it was when i was invited to go out. I really didnt want to and was thinking of reasons to bail. In my daze of trying to flake on my friends, which i never do, i threw my house keys down the incinerator. I panicked and for about 10 mins i freaked about missing my date with my friend... and when i retrieved the keys, i went home, grabbed my purse and went out and i had a good time. so yeah, sometimes we just gotta push ourselves .

glad it workedo ut for you! ! and i voted by the way