Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Costume That Got Me a Husband

Halloween and I were made for each other.  What other holiday condones chocolate consumption while wearing costumes and glitter?  I can't think of another one that is socially acceptable since I fail to acknowledge the existence of holiday sweaters.

Ever since I can remember, I have made plans to go out and frolic among the ghouls and goblins, and drink a few tequila shots here and there (what?! tequila is good for digestion).  One year, exactly five years ago, I went to a house party and my friend and I dressed up as gold diggers- you know Kanye's little tune?  I can't find any of those pictures, but I can assure you it was fabulous.  I had big hair, lots of gold, and a shovel (get it? gold. digger). 

The next day I went on a blind date and met my husband.  He was also out the night before at a separate party with his friends.  His butler costume was quite the rage, from what I heard.  That morning, I wasn't feeling so hawt (i.e. tequila shots) but I went out to lunch anyways and we sat and talked for hours.  It was also my first and last blind date. 

Since then, Halloween has been our anniversary until we got married and stuff.  Our first year together, we paid homage to the entertainment masterpiece known as Flavor of Love.

This year, however, I felt the need to bring back my original costume because on Halloween my theory is either go big, or go home.  Also, that costume brought me luck and Forver 21 had this dress for a cool $15.
 The hubby was an oil spill- to raise awareness of environmental issues (and not for purposes of offending anyone)
We went to the Hilton in San Francisco and had a view of the city while enjoying dranks and dancing.
 Oh, and the costume?  Even after 5 years, I'm still diggin this guy.
And the leftover Halloween candy that I can finish while wearing my glittery dress. 

Happy Halloween!


Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Awwweeeee you two are so cute together!!

Jessica @ How Sweet said...

Aw that is so cool how you guys met!

Gabriela said...

That's such a cute story!! I love the dress- F21 is the greatest place for finding stuff like that. Happy November!

Amanda said...

You're such a hottie! :) You guys are adorable together.

Mari said...

You too are so adorable!!!!!! you look fabulous! (as always)

Anonymous said...

girlie you look so cute in that dress!