Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Top Ten

On November 5-7, several hundred food-obsessed, wine guzzling, photography loving, food describing, mostly fabulous people stormed San Francisco for the 2nd Annual Foodbuzz Festival.  I was one of them and the festival did not disappoint at all.  I left with a ton of almonds (from my foodie gift exchange gift from Allie), new friends, and a swag bag with a very large knife.  It was good.

Since it's been a week later and I have been busy living my glamorous life at work, I'll spare you the less than timely update and instead provide you with my Foodbuzz Top10- One Healthy Apple style.

10- Giving food bloggers mini cupcakes spelling out the name of an event is like giving La Lohan access to an open bar.  Over-consumption will happen.
9- Food demos will be stopped every 30 seconds so that 30 people in the room can point their camera at whatever is being made.
8- Coming back multiple times to the shrimp station at the tasting pavilion will make one (me) recite Seinfeld lines over and over again..."the ocean called"
7- Walking with a sweet new Canadian friend to the Ferry building will lead you to discover fruit you never knew existed- meet Buddha's Hands
6- Food with cute labels will automatically taste better.  I was putting away pickled beets and asparagus like they were chocolate chips.
5- The magic that was the Soviet Union bread lines can be recreated- this time in the form of the customizable fish tacos line.
4- Bringing an intern to the tasting pavilion will make you a more productive food shoveler/picture taker
(my hot intern- shhhhh...don't tell HR) Picture copyright of Amanda and Andy

3- Carb addiction can be taken to another level by serving bread with ice cream or chocolate ganache.  Take that, low carb, take THAT!

2- You can feed us a 3-course gourmet meal, but we will all be swooning over the pureed butternut squash- the star of the meal.

1- All food taste better in shot form.  Pumpkin mousse parfait body shots anyone? 

Finally- because they deserve a category all on their own, the people I met were the highlight. It was so nice to be with a group of people with similar interests, all equally excited to be there.  I let my camera die, but here are some pictures courtesy of Amanda and Andy and Kaitlin.
Amanda- nicest.girl.ever. and Mr & Mrs. One Healthy Apple
Eden, Amanda, and I
Kaitlin and I (sorry for probably pushing you out of your seat with my enormous sleeves and gigantic bag)

Amanda and I- taking down one of several glasses of wine.

What an event!  I value my new friendships and being able to finally put a name to a blog post.  The event organization was wonderful and I continue to be humbled by the women (and men) who devote hours of their time to create creative and unique content.  Those who decided to not be friendly, well- it seems like a personal problem and nothing that will put a dent in my 'buzz for now.

I'm off to find that intern to complete my evening.


Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Awwwwee - thanks for the shoutout :-) It was so nice of you to hang out with me all morning, and show me around! I had fun!!!! You are so sweet, and so easy to talk to. I am glad I got to hang out with you!

kalin said...

i'm a bit jealous i didn't get to go drinking with all of you guys, not going to lie.

Mo Diva said...

Looks like soooo much fun!

Andy said...

Probably the best recap of the event. No joke. Especially shrimp and Seinfeld. Those little guys were amazing. My motto is "If it is from the sea, it is for me." Is that lame?

Amanda (Two Boos Who Eat) said...

I'm so glad we got to hang out! You are such a sweetheart. We'll definitely hang out again sooner than later. If not over Christmas break, maybe Spring break?

sophia said...

I'm not understanding this...we pretty much hung out with similar people, yet not with each other. What is wrong here? foodbuzz festival clearly needs to be longer than just 3 days!!

Anonymous said...

Oh I wish I had seen you there! But I am so glad you had a good Foodbuzz experience!

Katie ♥ said...

I miss you girl!!!!!!!!!

I hope you and the hubby have a wonderful thanksgiving this week!!!!

Love u!!!

Meghan@travelwinedine said...

I wish I had gotten to hang out with you! This is a great recap!

Anne Marie said...

Looks like you had an awesome time! I'm loving those mini cupcakes!

MelissaNibbles said...

That looks like a fun event. Please post soon!!!