Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Expanding My Horizons

Despite being a blogger and expected to try new brands, recipes, and foods, I have talked about how I eat the same foods over and over again.  Part of it goes back to when I discovered some foods were healthy and others were not and I decided to just pick a few and repeat them over and over again (lame sauce).  Now that several years have passed and I'm into more of a variety, I still rotate the same 5-10 meals every single week.  I also have the same status calls and meetings, workout schedule, and TV schedule every single week so I decided to shake it up this week.

  • I have had a mango for a snack every single day.  I know they are from Peru and not organic and not local and good for the environment, but they are delicious and make me feel like I'm on vacation.
  • I bought flavored yogurt- crazy right?  I usually like to add my own toppings, but french vanilla mint sounded like a win-win situation.

  •  I bought granola and ate it for dinner.  It is called Ancient Grains and made me feel worldly 
  • I got over my doggie separation anxiety and took 3 classes at my yoga studio this week.  Turns out my dog still loves me when I leave him for an hour
  • I wore a skimpy top to one of the said yoga classes and didn't care
  • I ate beef for dinner on Monday night and spent the next two days eating veggies because I thought my body was confused
  • I left work at 5:00 every day this week
  • I switched to gummy vitamins for my multi because even if I'm an adult, I don't have to act like it, right?  Plus gummies are delicious.
  • I tried running outside.  I got winded but it felt good.  Thank goodness my dog stops to sniff stuff or I would have passed out.
  • I walked out of Target without half of the store's inventory.  Just a prescription and nail clippers.  This is progress
I just came back from a late walk and now I'm off to catch up with Modern Family.  I heart that show and it's staying on my weekly rotation along with my mangoes.

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