Saturday, December 24, 2011

18 Week Update

Each week that goes by, I think of the same thing- how did I already get to x weeks?  The beginning of pregnancy is so long and draining and then it seems to speed up.  It also helps that the holidays are here and I'm finally on vacation for a week.  I'm so looking forward to not wearing real clothes, spending time with my favorite boys, and doing as I please- like taking random mid-day yoga classes.  Now let's get on to this week's update!

*Side note:  Husband says I look like a pirate in this shirt.  Also, I swear I do wear other clothes besides boots and leggings, but this is my weekend uniform :)

How far along? 18 Weeks

Total weight gain/loss: I went to the doctor and I'm up 2 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight.  I did lose 4 pounds in the "Oh my God I feel like I'm going to puke but instead will only eat limited foods stage", but I'm counting from my starting weight.  The doctor said I was still on track!  

Maternity clothes? I tried on the maternity jeans I ordered and they don't quite fit yet, but I'll probably start wearing them in the next week or so.  I also wore my new  free GAP skinny jeans once last week and they were OK, but sagged in the butt and weren't quite as long as I'd like.  Beggars can't be choosers, right?  I'm still mostly wearing leggings and sweater dresses, my regular jeans (the lower rise ones), longer sweaters, and all my regular tops.

Stretch marks? Applying my burt's bees body butter so far to try to prevent them. 

Sleep: Still loving sleep.  I also learned this week that being on my back isn't prohibited quite yet, so I don't freak out as much now when I wake up on my back at night.

Best moment this week: Last day of work for 2011 was a good one!  We also had a holiday party at work, went to see the menorah lighting on our Downtown, and I got to see one of my besties who was in town from New Orleans.  I also got some test results back from my 16 week quad screen testing and everything is good!

This week's comment of the week:

I didn't really hear anything too inappropriate this week, which is both good and a little disappointing.  I did have a co-worker talk about her birth stories in detail in front of a male co-worker and that's always a little awkward for everyone involved.  Please keep that stuff to yourselves, people!

Miss Anything? Nothing of note.

Movement: Nope.  I am supposed to start feeling something in the next few weeks, but I am probably not perceptive enough to notice.  I know the little one is moving around in there because he/she had a nice strong heartbeat and was making a bunch of noise in there when the doppler was on my stomach.

Food cravings: Still nothing of note.  I have been trying to incorporate more protein into my diet and really liking cottage cheese this week.  I'm also digging fruit, avocado (with hot sauce), almond butter on my pancakes, sweet potatoes, eggs, all kinds of veggies, and I ate sardines because I read they were good for me.  Here are a couple of notable meals:

Anything making you queasy or sick: Getting too tired. 

Sex: January 9th is the day! Any guesses?

Symptoms: I got a little bit tired a few days this week, but I was probably just channeling Super girl and needed a break.  Otherwise, I feel great.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy, happy, happy!

Looking forward to: My week off =)

Exercise: Here is what the week looked like:
Sunday: Prenatal yoga and dog walk
Monday: Dog walk
Tuesday: Cardio and a weight circuit at the gym, hour long dog walk
Wednesday: Rest day
Thursday: 2 dog walks, 3 mile hike, and a yoga podcast at home
Friday: 90-minute yoga class, 2 dog walks, and a cardio and weight circuit session at the gym
Saturday: Gym cardio and probably a dog walk

Hope you guys have a great holiday weekend!

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