Monday, July 28, 2014


I have a beautiful baby book that was gifted to me and it's empty. I am probably an underachiever, but I can't catalog everything in written form, so here it is for me to refer to one day.
Levi is growing and talking a lot more! We have a lovely mix of English, Russian, and Levi's own special blend of language going over here these days.

These are some things that I want to remember from these terrific twos:

  • Waffle is pronounced 'amful'.
  • Purple is pronounced 'pumfle'; we also like the color blue and call it 'byuuuu'.
  • There is a lot of talk about something called 'abadas'- we aren't sure what this means, but he can carry on conversations about it with the best of them.
  • Levi knows about 75% of his letters- like he knows the name and what the words start with. His favorite letter is naturally, 'W'.
  • Applesauce if 'appa-pow' and a favorite food.
  • We talk a lot of about eating- 'nama -nam' is yummy. This is mostly reserved for the soup made by his two talented chef grandmas.
  • Levi likes to drink a lot these days- water and milk are at the top, although he would much prefer my coffee. This weekend he ordered apple juice from the waiter as we had happy hour drinks. Can't argue with the kid.
Just milk here
Gotta stay hydrated

 We talk about trains ('choo-choo-tons'), and buses, and beep-beeps a lot. We think Levi might have a future in logistics and transportation one day.
  • Flammable- when papa comes home, we let him sit in the car and pretend to drive.
    • No children were harmed in taking this photo
  • Also flammable- Levi loves walking Chino. We let him do it under close supervision in open parking lots

     That's all we've got for now! We're enjoying our summer so much these days and love the endless energy that comes with it :)

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kaydi327 said...

He is absolutely adorable. Glad to see you guys are doing well!! I have a baby book for A that documents maybe the first three months (without pics of course). I've had complete Audrey's baby book on my to-do list for about two years now! :)
-Katie (formerly Legally Fit)