Friday, January 16, 2009

I can almost feel the weekend!

Finally Friday
As I am writing this, I realize that I have my camera cord right in my living room. Convenient, huh? This whole forgetful business is really not conducive to writing my blog!

Last night after I got back from class at 10:00 I had a mini snack attack and ate 3 mini Reese’s cups, a cookie I was baking for the boy, and a handful of dried cranberries. I have a killer sweet tooth and since I had no dessert after dinner, I needed something BAD!

This morning I ate overnight oats that I prepared in my sleepy state last night. It did not taste the greatest as I had the genius idea to add half a scoop of protein powder to bulk it up. This resulted in a fake flavor, so I will omit this next time.

*A little over 1/3 cup oats
*6 oz lemon yogurt
*½ scoop Designer Whey Vanilla protein powder
*1/8 cup TJ’s high fiber cereal for crunch
*A few dried cranberries

On my train ride I realized I wasn’t quite full so I picked at some more trailmix. I’m afraid this might become a liability! I ate maybe 1/3 of the package. As you see it’s still fairly full.

On the agenda today is hopefully a full day of work sans any computer problems, a random lunch, and a workout tonight. I hope to be on later today!

Have a great Friday!

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