Thursday, March 12, 2009

Drab to Fab Challenge!

Hi Kids,

It's been a couple more exhausting days (or maybe just one?!). Anyhoo, I ate yesterday (yay for me!) but my forgetful butt left the camera at home. Nothing to write home about...but dinner was at 10 since I didn't pack properly. I finished my wrap on the way upstairs to bed.

With work and school, and wedding planning, and breathing, I have realized that I am getting a little run down. In fact, I have had a cold for nearly a month now (WHO does that?). I was digging around and reading some blogs and a lot of you fabulous ladies have been participating in some challenges like Crap Free Week, Green Monster Challenges, Yoga Challenge. I'm not sure I could fully do any of them, but I did see one that looks right up my ally!

Leah of Simply Fabulous is doing the Drab to Fab Challenge!

Now of course, I will make my own modifications since I can't do the same exact thing. Here they are:

  • Substitute tea instead of coffee during the week
  • Split one coffee per week with Mike on Saturdays (our tradition)
  • Quit all diet sodas
  • Eliminate artificial sweetener use
  • Drink at least 3 glasses of water in addition to tea
  • Try a green smoothie! (I'm a little scared of them)
  • Limit dessert to one per day to cut down on the sugar

This challenge will run from today (even though I started yesterday) until April 9 (4 weeks). I didn't mention alcohol in there because I barely drink (except for my weekend escapade last week, which was a fluke!). If I do have a drink, then I will confess.

The purpose of this challenge is to hydrate myself, eliminate some of the junk in my diet, and perk up my skin. Perhaps I might get rid of my marathon cold? Like Leah said, this is not a way to restrict or limit myself, just a way to be aware of how much 'other' stuff goes into my body. I hope you will support me and join along if you want.

I'm sipping on my tea, missing the coffee, and have visions of spiking some coffee with Bailey's. Off to a good start!

Happy Thursday!


Leah said...


So glad to see you joining in to go from Drab to Fab!

I'll be keeping up with ya girlie.

Ruby said...

Good luck! I think you'll find eliminating the sweetners will really make a difference in your tastebuds - fruit will be tastier! I'm scared of the green monsters too and have decided not to go for them at all. Mwuhahah rebellion in blog-land!

Graze with Me said...

Green smoothies are not that bad, try it with a flavor-free green such as romaine for the first time to warm up to it. A great combo is romaine lettuce, orange juice, vanilla protein powder, ice and soy milk.

Good luck w/your challenge!

Mari said...

Ohh goodluck with "Drab to Fab" challenge!!!!!

The one thing I could never do is give up my sweets hahaha but I am sure this will be a piece of cake (pun intended) for you =)