Sunday, March 22, 2009

How to Spend Two Days in a New City Without Stepping Out of the Airport

The title of this post refers to my business trip on Friday-Saturday night. A part of what I do at work includes meeting planning and since I have spent the last month planning a meeting in Dallas, I got to go run the meeting and check out what the heck it is I have been doing. The meeting was at a property adjascent to the airport, so I technically never left the airport.

My plane left on Friday morning at 6:00 AM...brutal! I woke up at 4:30 that day and headed to the airport. I slept all the way through my first flight and got a fruit and yogurt parfait in Phoenix at Starbuck's. I looked at the nutritional information and it contained 330 cals- that's a lot of yogurt! It was a good thing I had a substantial breakfast because I didn't get to eat lunch until 6-7 hours later. I also got a bunch of crazy physical workouts running around in heels and setting up the meeting. I got some good experience and it was worth it. Here are some highlights from my trip (and the only pictures I could take without looking like a freak):

My hotel room:

Frozen yogurt swirl at the airport (I ate most of the yogurt and a few cone bites)

Chicken burrito with black beans, salsa, lettuce, and rice. I ordered the 'half portion' and this thing was humongous! I still ate the whole thing because I was starving/tired:

I had two nearly 18-hour days in a row and came home quite exhausted! Not quite tired enough to miss our friend's birthday! We went to a new club in San Francisco and I even saw a Warriors basketball player- totally worth going out!

Today we took care of some financial chores (my favorite), cleaned a little bit to at least unpack, and made some soup for next week. We stopped for lunch/dinner at 4:00 and I was supposed to go to the gym but I was too tired.

Wedding Invitations

I think I found them! Our colors are white, black, gold, and silver. We'll also be including a little green as accents. I have literally looked all over the place, considered ordering them online, but I wanted to feel and touch them...
We wanted the option to print our own and when I saw these, I knew they would be perfect:

We got both boxes for $80 and have more than enough. I may add a vellum overlay and some ribbon to them, but the cost will be minimal. I just couldn't fathom spending $800 on invitations and would rather use the money for something else. I change my mind a lot, but I'm hoping I have found 'the one'! I swear, finding my future hubby was easier than this!

I am exhausted and skipped the gym today. I am hoping, hoping, hoping that I will be able to wake up and get some exercise in. I'm still having a problem balancing things and hope that some extra sleep will get me up very early tomorrow- otherwise, there is always after work.


Mari said...

Glad to know you are finally home...did the stripper go with you again?????

The invites are really pretty =)

Sara said...

Very pretty invites :) How exciting!

Hope you are feeling better!