Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Exercise is the Best Medicine

Today was another hectic day at work. It included cereal and tea (still no coffee!) and lots and lots of work. In addition to the cereal, I had some roasted carrots, a banana, an orange, and a serving of wasabi peas and a few almonds throughout the day.

As I was driving home from the train, I was thinking of a million creatively stupid reasons about why I shouldn't exercise:
  • I'm too tired
  • I'm too stressed
  • My stomach hurts (faking it)
  • I'm too lazy

After thinking it over, I realized I would feel like a loser if I didn't move it. I also realized that it wasn't dark out yet and treated myself to a nice run outside. Just look at this sky:

Don't worry- I didn't take this while running. Don't shoot and run (ok, dumb joke- but I'm tired!)

I took myself out on a run down the street to the park right next to us. It was a great run, but it got dark after 20 minutes and I chickened out and ran home. It was a good start, and just what I needed to get out of my crappy mood.

I came home and made my dinner:

Light flat out wrap with smoked salmon and a small smear of light cream cheese and spinach. I also had a few pita chips on the side.

I ended up eating this open-faced because I play with my food. I contemplated dessert and did not disappoint. I had this lovely nectarine:

And ended up sneaking in my 'dessert of the day' of two Trader Joe's Oatmeal Dunkers.

I haven't done much sitting since I have been home. I have been doing food prep and cooking for the next few days. I'm kind of a domestic and prefer to make Mike's lunch. This way I know our grocery bill is not wasted and of course, he is getting a healthy lunch. None of it is glamorous or pretty, but here is what I made tonight to be packed for hopefully the rest of the week, depending on boy metabolism:
  • Roasted brussel sprouts
  • Roasted eggplant
  • Roasted chicken with curry powder, onion powder, celery
  • Giant shells to serve as a carb for another meal
  • Giant spinach salad with corn, shredded cheese, carrots, celery, hardboiled egg, olives, and probably other stuff
I'll steal some of the roasted veggies for sure! The rest is all for the boy.

Some random thoughts...
I have been at my new job for a month...and it's been quite the experience. I have learned a lot, but I have also been very busy and proportionally stressed. I am just one of those people who stresses out and I really need to find an outlet. It would normally be exercise, but I have literally been trapped in the office for at least 10 hours a day. I am going to try to tweak a few things and find what works best for me because I know it's not good for my mental health. I need some movement in my life for my physical health and sanity so I am going to mentally prepare myself for a morning workout in the next couple of days.

I am going to be traveling for work to the lovely city of Dallas (never been there, but assuming it's nice) on Friday and returning on Saturday and I know that I have a few strenuous days ahead. I guess I can only do my best.

What are your favorite stress fighters?


Sara said...

I know when I get stressed, it's really important for me to lean on the people I am close to...I have such a bad habit of keeping it all inside and closing myself off, but it feels so much better to talk to my best friend or husband and to get out of the house and step away whenever possible. I also absolutely try to leave work at work; I make sure that at the end of the day, everything is taken care of before I leave, and when I come home, I don't let myself think about it. I have to have that separation. Don't know if that is possible for you or not, but that has helped me out tremendously!

Leah said...

Exercise is def a stress fighter for me!
I have an eggplant that needs roasting. Any tips?

Ruby said...

Oh I know what you mean about stress, time shortage and exercise! Well done for contemplating the morning exercise! I tried it a couple of times and what really helped me was not to commit to too much in the beginning. One or two ten minute sessions is quite doable and gives you great stress relief throughout the day.

Mari said...

Hey girly! for me it is def exercise....I love starting my day off with a kick ass workout! It has been harder since the time change but my body is slowly adjusting