Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Weight loss

I was really nervous to put this up because these aren't the most flattering pictures...but I'm positive it will be ok since this is the point of doing a weight loss post!

Here is the history:

I was a normal size kid then started gaining weight when I was about 10. My mom is an amazing cook and I ate what I was served. I was pretty heavy during the wonderfully awkward period of 10-13. I think I was under 5 feet and wore a size 7- quite large on a 6th grader! By 8th grade, I started paying attention to foods and nutrition and started exercising at the local YMCA. I called the Y my 'exercise entry drug' because I loved it so much.

Through high school, I went up and down from 115 to 135 and back down to 120. I still exercised, but my nutrition was horrible. This brings me to what I consider my adult weight problems.

During my last couple of years of college I was enjoying the drinks, working, studying, and working out sporadically. As you can see from these pictures, I was having a great time and definitely enjoying myself. I have to say that I knew my problem areas (booty, legs, and arms) but I was never totally unhappy.

Around November 2004 ~130

January 2004 ~130

August 2005~ 135

September 2005 ~ 130

October 2005 ~130

By October 2005 I was in my last year of college and I was back to exercising on a regular basis. See the black and white picture above? I met my hubby-to-be the day after that. (It was the day after Halloween!) As we started dating, we started exercising together and I lost some weight- I guess I am opposite of the happy relationship gain. I got a little too into exercising and started losing a little too fast for my own good. I was happy with my look, but my diet wasn't the most balanced and I was exercising too much. Here is the loss:

June 2006 ~122

July 2006 ~ 120 (Bellydance performance)

November 2006: ~115

I'm not too sure what happened after that, but I must have hit the 'comfortable stage' and started eating more. I also got an overuse injury in my knees and was really afraid to run again, so I took my exercise down to less intensity. The chocolate treats were adding up and I wasn't doing enough to counteract all the calories. I went up from 115 to about 127 in the next year. I was strong and healthy, but not really happy with how I looked.

Here is our picture right when we got engaged. It was one of the happiest days in my life and what I needed to get moving again. We were in Eastern Europe for 3 weeks and by the end of the trip, I was losing again.

July 7, 2008~ 127

End of July 2008~ 122

Here I am now- in the last few months. I am at about 115-120 pounds, depending on the week. I now know that this is a good weight for me and I don't need to lose more, but I would like to tone up my arms and legs. I think the difference between now and the past is that I am happy and realistic about what my body looks like and what it can do. Here are a few pictures from the last year and thank you for reading my story!


Mari said...

Hey love! from looking at your pics, I don't think you were ever over weight in your adult years.

You have come a long way in terms of being comfortable with you body and praise you for that. I also think that you are a NUT for hating your legs!!! They are AMAZING and you need to walk around in skirts and short more often =)

Thank you for being open and sharing your weight loss struggle with us.

Ruby said...

Good on you for posting - what a trip! I'm glad you're happy where you are now - and toning rocks!

Anonymous said...

congrats on your successes!

i just saw your comment about my smoothie... i actually dont make it at work, i make it before i leave and stick it in the freezer when i get to work and then drink it within 2 hrs of getting to work so it's still fresh :)

Graze with Me said...

You don't mention how tall you are, but I think your weight range is perfect from looking at your pictures. I'm in the "gotta tone up" stage too though! I also hate my legs (spider veins, scars and they're very stick-like).