Sunday, April 5, 2009

Getting My Mojo Back- Just in Time for Cake!

Now that I have finished being sick (um hello- who else gets sick for 5 frieken weeks!) I have had plenty of energy and excitement over the last few days.

I have had three great workouts:

Friday Morning: 2 Mile Run
Satuday: 60 minute weight/cardio circuit and a 20-minute walk in the afternoon
Sunday: Crazy Jillian Michael's Shred Level 1

I also had some great meals- though none as exciting as our Sunday snack: Wedding Cake Tasting!

We went to a Schubert's Bakery in San Francisco. They were voted on of The Knot's best in 2008/2009. This is also the place that did my brother's cake as well as my best friend's cake and I knew I would want my cake from there. It is small, family-owned, and the desserts there are out of this world. We started out with our tasting plates. All the descriptions below are from the website:

Opera Cake: Hazelnut sponge with chocolate truffle and mocha-praline filling topped with toasted almonds.

Vanilla cake with vanilla frosting and passion fruit filling:

Mocha torte: White cake with mocha buttercream filling

Chocolate Truffle Torte: A wonderfully rich chocolate cake; chocolate sponge filled with a superb chocolate filling, made only from cream and bittersweet chocolate.

We LOVED the opera cake. The mocha was a little too overwhelming, as was the chocolate torte. We loved the simplicity of the vanilla and the kick of the passionfruit. We ended up selecting Opera Cake for our bottom and top layer and the vanilla/passionfruit for our middle layer. I am soooo excited! Did I mention I LOVE cake?

When we looked at designs, they had a bunch of really nice classic designs and then we got to this one:

(Picture Source)

I kept going back and staring at it. We don't really have one cohesive theme for our wedding, but we are going to be naming our tables for places that we have visited together and are special to both of us. Since we are both immigrants from the former Soviet Union, traveling and culture is important to both of us and we wanted to incorporate this into our wedding. When we saw this suitcase concept, I was all over it and Mike was excited to not have a pink fluffy thing- sold! We are still going to be working with them to tweak the colors and provide the tags but we are excited that they have the creativity and we can now make things work!

Now that the wedding is 5 months away, it's time to get into the smaller details. We also finalized our DJ this weekend. He gave us a good deal and has been really nice to work with so far. Now we have to start thinking music. Any favorites?'s 7:30 and I don't have much else to babble about. I'm hoping to go back to daily posts this week- we shall see!



Sara said...

How exciting that you found a DJ :) For our first dance, hubby and I had our DJ play Etta James' "At Last" that song! I also remember our final song was "I Could not ask for more"...forget who sings that :)

The cakes look so good!! The wedding will be here before you know it :)

Anonymous said...

haha, I can't tell you my fav songs because they're all corny musical songs like "Popular" from Wicked and "Roxie" from Chicago.
those cakes are insane. I am in love with the opera cake. hazelnut? praline? almonds? hell, yeah!

Graze with Me said...

Oh, cake tasting was my favorite part of wedding planning! We still haven't picked any songs for our DJ yet either, gulp. Now do you live in San Fran. or just nearby? We're going there for our honeymoon the first week of June! I'm definitely excited! How's the weather there that time of year?

Mari said...

hey mansana great workouts and you FINALLY tried jillians workout! yay!!!! now when I blab about it, u know what I am talking about =)

I love your cake concept! and yums to your choices...I am sure everyone will love it.

You two are really doing an amazing job putting the wedding together.