Monday, April 6, 2009

He Loves Me!

After a horrendous day at work (stayed from 9:00 till 6:50...almost 10 hours, no lunch break) I got a call asking if I wanted anything at Trader Joe's. Um...the answer is always yes. I had to think on the spot (always a dangerous decision) and decided I wanted TJ's Greek yogurt and Oat Bran. This is what I got:

What I love about my future hubby is that he will do most things in the world to make me happy. I also love that he buys in bulk! I am sooo set for my snacks, breakfasts, dinners, and evening snacks for the next week...or probably a few days.

We came home and ate some dinner. I ate some quinoa salad topped with baked tilapia, mango salsa, and some corn/bean mixture. I mixed it all together and it was good! I got to more food prep for the week and almost forgot about dessert- no worries! I had some fresh blackberries that rocked my face off!

Here is also a preview of tomorrow's lunch of more quinoa salad topped with lots of veggies:

Finally, I got a sample in the mail! It's the Quaker True 'blurry' flavor as I can't even read what kind it is in this picture:

Now I am going to pack all my junk to get to the gym tomorrow morning. I am going to try to get sleepy and be asleep by 10:30 so that I can get in a nice workout tomorrow morning...maybe if I type it I will go!

P.S. Jillian is not my friend. My arms are sore! I think that will teach me to attempt to do The Shred with 10 pound weights.

Peace out!


Mari said...

HA Mike rocks! next time he calls you, can I get in on that too???? lol...Puffins in BULK!!!!!

Kudos on going to the gym in the am!

Graze with Me said...

Holy crap, 10 pound weights?? I can barely manage 3!!

You should let me know of any great places in SF for foodies! Yes, we are going to Napa, I can't wait :)

Sharon said...

Hahaha, that is awesome!!!!!!! Trader Joes!!! i wish we had one in Canada!