Sunday, May 17, 2009

Wedding Weekend

This weekend my future mother-in-law got married! Are you confused? Yes, future hubby and his mom are getting married in the same year. We have a lot in common, even the same first name, so technically, I can just assume her identity once September hits.

The day was absolutely gorgeous and we could not have asked for better weather. I was able to spend the day helping the lovely bride get ready and it was really great to spend time with the family right before everything happened. We have been sharing wedding jitters together so I felt a lot of pressure for this to go well!

The wedding took place on a yacht that goes out in the San Francisco Bay. The views were frieken stunning. Am I a little jealous of the views they will get in their pictures? Maybe. But we also got in some photos for ourselves. My favorite part was the cake. It was gorgeous and tasted good- huge criteria in my book.

Now without further babbling, here is the photo recap.

Congratulations Elena and Stan!

Wedding cake:

The lovely bride:

My hot guy walking his momma down the aisle:

Me and my papa:

Many gratuitous pictures of us soaking up the view:

It was a tad windy

The happy couple:


Mari said...

WOW you look amazing! and I guess men go after women like their mother's because both of you guys are so PRETTY!

Anonymous said...

the wedding cake looks ginormous! cool!
and you're so gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Aww she looks amazing and glowing! And you two are so cute together, you're gonna make an awesome bride!

Graze With Me said...

Wow, your dress is BEAUTIFUL. Really, I love it!

That's pretty cool you're getting married in the same year, and that cake is really elegant too.

One Healthy Apple said...

You ladies are way too sweet. Thank you! I'm blushing.