Sunday, September 27, 2009

Honeymoon Recap- Miami- Part 1!

I'm making an attempt at getting things back to normal and finding new hobbies unrelated to the wedding that took over my life for the last 12 months! As I get my thoughts in order, I decided to start with a recap of our honeymoon. We went to Miami and Costa Rica for a total of two blissful weeks and I'll start with Miami first!

My first impression when we got there was hot, humid, and muggy! I seriously don't know how people function much beyond getting to the beach and home in this city. We started our trip with a day trip to the Everglades to explore some wildlife and the inevitable summer rain. We took an airboat and a swamp buggy and saw some cool animals (not too many alligators in the San Francisco Bay Area) and enjoyed our time together.
After the buggy ride, we got stuck in a rainstorm. We walking into the cafe and had our pick of the typical theme park foods. I picked a nice salad bar, but my hubby (love saying that!) suggested something a little more adventurous. What you see below are alligator nuggets. Now, I don't eat red meat (more on that later) but I don't think alligator qualifies.
These things were fried like McDonald's chicken nuggets and tasted like...well, chicken. I would say it tasted like a mix between chicken and fish and quite enjoyed them dipped in BBQ sauce! I love trying new things on vacation and there were many other new experiences on our trip!
What is the strangest food you have eaten?
Mine is definitely alligator.
See ya'll later!


Mari said...

Oh I can't wait to see more pics of the honeymoon =)

It is nice to see you back to blogging =)

I have no idea what is the strangest thing I have ever eaten lol...I have to think about that one =)

One Healthy Apple said...

My first comment! I feel so loved!