Monday, September 28, 2009

Honeymoon Recap - Miami Part 2!

After we left our new friends, we went to South Beach to stay in our swanky hotel on Collins Avenue. I loved all the white buildings and uplighting- so swanky!

We were right in the middle of everything and once we got properly dressed, a picture was in order- along with our first drink of the trip! Mike enjoyed a Long Island and I had a Vodka Soda with extra lime!

Next we walked to dinner. Miami has a lot to offer in terms of food options and we decided to try out some Cuban food. I went with a shrimp cocktail with veggies on the side (ok, not very cuban, but the shrimp had lime in it) and the hubby went with some beef, rice and plantains. There wasn't a good picture of this, but we both enjoyed it!
The next day, we started off bright and early with a tour of the city. We stopped by the Historic Biltmore Hotel and snapped a picture.
We rode along to Miami's Little Havana district and checked out some cute older Cuban gentlemen playing chess and even got a Cuban Coffee. Mike and I were blown away from it- it was amazing! We were coffee buzzed for the next 6 hours! Here is the definition from Wikipedia:
"Cuban coffee (café cubano, Cuban espresso, cafecito, Cuban pull, Cuban shot) is a type of espresso which originated in Cuba after espresso machines were first imported there from Italy. Specifically, it refers to an espresso shot which is sweetened with sugar as it is being brewed, but the name covers other drinks that use Cuban espresso as their base. Drinking café cubano remains a prominent social and cultural activity within Cuba as well as the expatriate community."
Next we took a boat ride along downtown and got a nice view of the skyline. We also got to see some celebrity mansions along the way. I felt kinda like a stalker, but now I know where Shakira lives!
After our long day, we walked over to get some dinner. I forgot the name of the outdoor cafe, but it reminded both of us of a Spring Break vibe. It was outdoors with a stage, pool, and lots of drink specials. We shared some mojitos and had the most amazing meal:
Servers are so not good at taking blog-friendly pictures! We had ahi tuna sliders with Asian Chicken salad- amazing! This was our best meal of the entire trip as we learned the Costa Rica is not known for its cuisine!
Stay tuned for our first couple of days in Costa Rica!


Mari said...

Please tell me that you guys had Cuban food?!

Cuban food is amazingly good!

you look great in the pics =)...I can't wait to see the Costa Rica pics...

Mari said...

HA I read it so fast that I missed that you DID have it, well Mike did lol...did he like it????

One Healthy Apple said...

He loved it! He had some pulled beef dish with plantains and rice and beans. My favorite cuban food is mojitos!