Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Honeymoon Summary- Staying Healthy While on Vacation

As my last vacation post, I wanted to touch on what we did to stay healthy on vacation. As a new wife/former bride, I had spent the last year (and realistically, the last 10 years) trying to take care of my body and maintain a weightloss. I looked forward to the trip, but I did not look forward to undoing all the hard work I had done over the last year. My hubby is also healthy and shares a similar philosophy on health while traveling.

Here are some of the tips that worked for us while on vacation:

Tip #1- Walk, walk, and walk some more- the best way to get to know a new place is to explore it by foot. You get some exercise and you get to see the locals. Here are some of our favorite walks of the trip:

In the town of Jaco~

Some cool sidewalks we saw near the oxcart factory~

Walking the hanging bridges~

A rewarding view after a walk~

Tip #2- Take advantage of the physical activities while on vacation-
We were able to enjoy some active time by swimming at the beach, surfing, and ziplining! You get to try new things, and you also burn the energy from some of the new foods you get to try!

Tip #3- Eat like you eat when you are at home- It's ok to indulge when you are on vacation- and I fully encourage it- as long as the food is worth it. We found that most of the desserts offered on our trip were crappy, so we didn't eat them. Also, after a consecutive week of rice and beans, I was bored, so I stuck to something else. It was also fun to try new drinks and juices we have never had before.

When I wanted to try something, I shared with my husband (which I'm sure he hated) and it allowed me to have a little of everything. If I wanted chocolate, it was all mine.

Eating Spanish food~

Having some drinks~

Trying a whole lychee~

Eating Rice and Beans, and Beans and Rice~

Tip #4- Take it easy! We spend so much of our lives stressing out, so don't do the same. Leave your watch at home, and take naps. Stress makes you fat!

I have really enjoyed looking back at our trip. I'm so sad it's over, but looking forward to many more trips together!


Mari said...

Wow you went ziplining?!? I am officially jealous...

it looks like a fabulous trip...

you two are going to be so happy together =)

The Candid RD said...

What a great trip! Also, very good tips for staying healthy. Nick and I usually get into vacation mode a little too seriously when we are on vacation. I think your tip about skipping desserts is something we should consider, as a way to make up for the extra drinking we do on vacation :) Walking and getting involved with outdoor activities is also a great tip. When we went to NYC we ate so much food, but we walked so much that I actually lost 2 pounds!!

Allison (Balance in Bites) said...

Nice pictures!

And great tips, too. When I'm trying to stick to a healthy diet plan, vacations are always difficult. It's too easy to say "Well hey, I'm on vacation, so I deserve to eat whatever I want!" SO not true! Certainly indulging here and there is a must, but giving yourself free reign to eat anything and everything (which is what I've done on vacations in the past).... not a healthy mindset!

Jamie Walker said...

Good for you! While I was recently in Nicaragua and Costa Rica with my boyfriend, we made a point to be super active on vacation. We walked a TON carrying our heavy backpacks, surfed, hiked, climbed and more. It made me feel so wonderful when we returned. We also ate so healthy! Easy to do in those countries - can't go wrong with beans, fruit and veggies!