Sunday, November 29, 2009


Something wonderful happens when I am not stuck at my computer for five days out of the week- I just enjoy life.  Although my hubby says that I am an Internet addict and didn't stop checking blogs or email on my iPhone, I did not spend any time at all near my computer yesterday and it felt frieken fantabulous.  I let go of my blogging duties and slacked, but I hope you understand.
I do want to rewind back to Friday.  My mom put on a beautiful spread, like always.  We had some black caviar, which is a true delicacy and I never miss, since I only eat it once a decade or so.  I don't know if these were on your Thanksgiving table, but we had some non-traditional dishes that simply rocked my world.
Stuffed tomatoes:

Chicken stuffed puffed pastry:

Georgian wine (not Georgia, where the peaches grow, but the former Soviet Republic):

A spread of dessert including strawberries, raspberries, TJ's chocolates, and opera cake:

There was even an impromptu game of ping pong, minus the rackets:

Don't worry, my nephew didn't get it either.  He did, however give me my workout for the night.

Yesterday we celebrated our grandma's birthday.  I was a goon and forgot to take pictures of our delicious meal at PF Chang's.  We did go back to have some more cake and chat with the family.  I think she had a good time surrounded by family and by the jokes hubby made.  He always makes her laugh.

We all watched a Russian movie and I totally missed the plot. I took self-portraits of us instead:

I've been working on homework and on a photo book of our wedding.  It has taken the better part of my day and my patience, but I'm determined to finish!

I'll be back later with some re-vamped leftovers and my new find!  Later bellas and fellas!


Abbys Vegan Eats said...

Sometimes time off from the computer in general is liberating!! Glad you had a good weekend.. those stuffed tomatoes look wonderful!

Tricia said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend!

Gina said...

Nick says I'm addicted to my computer too, and sometimes I have to agree. I think taking a break every once in a while is good, and necessary! So, good for you, and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I LOVE ping pong! I'm good at it too, so watch out. haha.

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

It is great to unplug once in a while - I think we all need to do that sometimes.

Those stuffed tomatoes look fantastic! I love that you had some non-traditional eats!

Anonymous said...

Photo books are fun! And YES - don't spend all your time on the computer folks - there is sooooo much of life to be lived and enjoyed it's overwhelming at times :)

Anonymous said...

im glad you took a little break from the computer- it's healthy!! & the food looks delicious, especailly those tomatoes..yumm


Anonymous said...

chicken stuff pastry? i want somea that!

Marian said...

Just found your blog! look forward to reading more:)

*Naomi* said...

yes i took a big break this thanksgiving, I took some time to be with my friends and fam away from the technology for a ltitle bit and it is refreshing!

LOVE YOUR STUFFED TOMATOES! I love stuffed anything because it means you can eat the whole thing! inside and out! :)

glad you had a nice turkey day!!

Katie ♥ said...

I feel the same way, sometimes being away from my computer and my phone is a great break, technology can take over our lives too much sometimes, I am so thankful for technology but sometimes I do not like it!!! Thanks for the sweet comment, glad you are not offended!! Yes, it is sad he is gone, I cant believe its been a year, but I know he is in heaven and Im sure hes doing what he loves, being a photographer : ) Have a great day!! xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

mm your non traditional spread looks yummy! i'll take stuffed tomatoes over green bean casserole any day

FoodFitnessFreshair said...

Looks like you had a great time! And yes, sometimes it's hard to get away from the computer, but it's a must for our well-being every now and then!

Mari said...

I didn't blog since Friday! ((((gasp))))). I guess everyone stepped away from blogging for the holiday weekend =)

I love the pics of the family

Amanda (Two Boos Who Eat) said...

I took a break from the computer too. It was fabulous and so relaxing. (I do have over 400 blog posts to read though! YIKES!)

Amanda (Two Boos Who Eat) said...

I took a break from the computer too. It was fabulous and so relaxing. (I do have over 400 blog posts to read though! YIKES!)

Anne Marie said...

I'm so with you! After 5 days of being at the computer, I have to unplug and simply spend uninterrupted time with the hubby.