Sunday, December 27, 2009

Breaking the Code

I hope everyone is having as fun of a time away from work/school/life this weekend as I am.  It has been one of the nicest and most relaxing weekends!
We started with enticing my parents to come over for breakfast in exchange for my dad's genius house fixing skillz.  Quite honestly, I don't know what he did but he fixed stuff and made it look pretty.  My mom brought us some of the food we ate.  I don't see their benefit in coming over, but they must like us!

Breakfast had a few standbys and some new stuff.
Grapes and strawberries:


Egg sandwiches:

Date, cheese, homemade chocolate dipped strawberries (made this morning at 10, by your truly), and nut plate:

Lemon squares (so good and so GONE in one day) for breakfast dessert:

Thanks to my mama and Trader Joe's for bringing some super delicious treats!  Thanks to hubby for caffeinating me to human form!  I had an egg sandwich and lots of bites of fruit and almonds.

Today I had no formal workout, but we did take a walk for who-knows-how-long to Best Buy and back home.  When I have extra time I feel bad if I don't get a workout, but I wanted to spend more time with hubby since he has to go back to work tomorrow and I get to play all day instead.
I just know that when we left it was lunch time and we came home in time for linner!   I had another egg sandwich, some veggies, and some leftover dates.  I rationalize that dried fruit needs to be consumed before it goes bad.  To each his own.
This evening I have been chewing gum and watching movies!

I used to be a gum connoiseur until I realized it gave me stomach aches, but I had to get this new flavor.  It's basically amazing.  I chomped on this and sipped tea while watching two documentaries.  One was called Breaking the Mayan Code, all about hieroglyphics.  I love that junk!  We also watched a documentary based on Michael Pollan's book The Botany of Desire.  The book was one of my favorites and the documentary was really interesting to watch.  I would definitely recommend it since it brings up a lot of great points about the plants around us and it gets 2 enthusiastic thumbs up from hubby.

Do you have any dorky tendencies?  I love learning about ancient cultures and food science!  I also get really excited when I get food for presents!

My sister in law got me this chili mango and delicious chocolate. So excited to try both!


Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Those lemon bars look so good - I wish there were Trader Joe's in Canada!!

Jessica said...

Those lemon bars look so good! We are going to Trader Joe's today and I want to pick some up.

Estela - Weekly Bte said...

I have lots of dorky tendancies... I'll leave it at that :)

You can't go wrong with Trader Joe's!

Anonymous said...

oo i love that kind of gum!!
and those lemon bars look awesome..still have never been to a TJS :(

Mari said...

Those Lemon Bars are from TJ's? I have to look for them

Enjoy your time off (so jealous)

Anne Marie said...

I think I spend my entire life as a dork! lol

Dawn Dishes It Out said...

I have enjoyed those lemon bars before... they are YUMMY

Kris | said...

I could eat that whole nut plate.....those had me at Dates!!!

Great post!

Simply Life said...

oh it's a bit sad, but I think most of my tendencies can be categorized as dorky :)

Anonymous said...

mm those lemon bars sound delicious :D

*Naomi* said...

haha I love reading your dorky tendencies which acutally are not dorky at all! I sometimes pick up some extra hours at a arts and crafts store for kids, they paint ceramics and have Bday parties and I have stayed after before to paint something myself :) (because I enjoy it!) i guess you could call that dorky!

Gina said...

I get VERY excited about food presents! And I love learning about science, which is pretty dorky :) The lemon bars and chocolate covered strawberries look so yummy.

Yeah, I saw your tweet about "the New Jared" or Taco Bell. You made a good point, but people won't see it that way! Ugh.

MelissaNibbles said...

Wow, those lemon bars look great!

Gum gives me stomach issues too, but I still chew it. I'm an addict!!

Enjoy your time off!

Anonymous said...

i chew gum so much & i like that flavor a lot except i get sad when the flavor fades :( haha. love the chocolate covered strawberries!!


Kelly said...

I could really go for some of those chocolate dipped strawberries right now.
I definitely get bored on the elliptical too, that's why I am trying to change it up and make it fun...we shall see!

Health and Happiness said...

Yum! Chocolate covered strawberries! Great blog, I can't wait to read more! xx Jenna