Monday, December 21, 2009

Breaks and Notes

Eats and What I've Been Up To
My breaks seem to be longer and longer between posts.  It's not personal, it's business.  Some of this business included spending the weekend here:

This is actually the backyard view at hubby's mom's and stepdad's house.  Not too shabby, eh?  We had an awesome time and pretended like we were at a bed and breakfast!
We also got our holiday presents and I got the knives I've been wanting:

Thanks guys!  I'm so excited to use these and finally be able to chop and cut through the stuff I cook!

So you may wonder what else I've been up to...
I won this at our holiday party:

Vino is good!  Free vino is even better!  I'm also getting in those fibrous veggies and hummus as seen in my dinner snack plate:

And of course saving room for dates and almond butter.  Imagine a bucket of each for dessert.

Moving It!

Since we are heading into that wonderful time we like to call New Year's Resolution Extravaganza, I have made a committment to end the year on a strong note!  I'm going to keep going to the gym and utilize my time off from school to get in some fun workouts and to kick things up a knotch to finish the year with a bang!  I have recommitted to a strength routine to work out my guns and to strengthen my legs to help with my painful knees.  All good things, right?  I would love to work towards some goals that I haven't quite decided on, but I have made a promise to maintain my health and I know that whole, natural foods and moving my bootay will help me accomplish them.  I have noticed that a lot of people at the gym I go to may have a more physical slant on their goals.  I thought today was a great day for an Operation Beautiful note.  If you haven't checked out the website, please do.  I think Caitlin is doing amazing things for young women.

If you ignore the goofy look of concentration and confusion, I really enjoyed doing this!  The note says 'You are enough' and when I checked back in, the note was still there!  I look forward to bringing more of these with me in the near future.
I also busted out a fun run- 3.5 miles running and another 1.5 miles speed walking for a total of 62 minutes, followed by back and bis.  I'm still excited when I can easily run this distance.  Every time I run, I think about the little girl I was in 6th grade who could barely run a mile and how awesome she would think I was now!
Hope you are all enjoying the wonderful holidays and keeping warm!


Jessica said...

Where is that?! It looks gorgeous!

Anne Marie said...

What a beautiful view! I wouldn't mind waking up to that every morning.

Jesse said...

MMM!! I've had Conundrum before, it is really excellent! Enjoy that bottle!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

I totally have to post an OB note ... I am going to do it in the Dominican while I am there this New Years!!

Anonymous said...

i want some quality knives (two year old ikea set? not cutting it these days.... literally and figuratively)
they'er the first thing that's going on my wedding registry.

Anonymous said...

yay for operation beautiful :) & i love being by the water.. the pictures are lovely haha

Anonymous said...

aww yay for OB! thats awesome!

Nelly said...

Hilarious we have those same knives! I use the scissors for cutting meat all the time for stiryfry! They are AMAZING!
Merry Christmas!
I am jealous you are in VA. We are going to the husbands this year and I will be missing Blacksburg :(

Anonymous said...

that is a lovely place to spend a weekend in my opinion :)

Katie ♥ said...

Girl I hope you get all the work done, Im sure deadlines are stressful, but think of this, after you get all the work dne you can enjoy that Vino!!!!!!

Have a great night girl, and I am not young, 27, yikes!! Ahhh age is just a number, it doesnt bother me, its how u feel!!! xoxo

Mari said...

Oh my mansana is back! Now I can grill you about your workouts =)

I heard about operation beautiful on See Sarah Eat's page a few months back and thought it was such a great idea...I might join in on the fun =)

When I come visit you, I want to go to THAT B&B lol