Thursday, December 10, 2009

Where Did the Week Go?

This week started out like any week with my Monday morning whining and profanities.  It got a little better and a little worse as the week moved on- it was an emotional roller coaster really.  But now I'm back and kicking!  Plus it's Second-Best-Day of the week!  I've been chasing my tail this week, so please try to sit through my very random post.

Did I mention that we started out our week with weather reports of SNOW?  This may not sound like a big deal to you but here in the SF Bay Area we do not do snow.  More importantly, I do not do snow.  Yes, I am from the land formerly known as the Soviet Union, where it snows like crazy, but this chickie does not condone any snow activity or precipitation in general- both make me melt.
Please note the snow-covered Prius in front of our car on our commute.  Insanity!

In my uber-busy week, there have been very little food highlights, but I did try a new snack at work:

This is a whole wheat waffle with goat cheese and strawberry jam.  Believe it or not, this was all free food from my work fridge and freezer.  Not bad, right?
I did supply some of my own food this week- most notably ketchup with a side of butternut squash and brussels sprouts:

I have no idea what that white light is in the center, but I'm convinced it's a ghost.  Other eats this week have included dates, almond butter, chocolate (which lost its healing powers) and lots of coffee!
Hubby, my esteemed co-blogging colleague wanted me to show you his lunch and dinner from Tuesday:

Both included organic chicken roasted in maple BBQ sauce- a big hit!  He also gets bonus lunchroom smelly points for the sprouts- a prize that I now share with him.  It's like being the kid with the smelly lunch in school- any good cafeteria stories for me?
I remember bringing my lunch when I was in Kindergarten and first grade and my mom used to make me a sandwich with this Russian chicken patty with lots of garlic.  It tasted fabulous, but when we went to our cubbies to take our food out, the aroma of garlic came from my ethnic little lunchbox.  It was still awesome and I didn't care what people thought!  I still don't care when people think my food is strange!

Hope you are having a great day and a great week!


Mari said...

Whenever I come to you blog, I leave craving Brussels Sprouts.

God I need to move the West Coast, I am so over snow lol

Abby (Abbys Vegan Eats) said...

MMM those Brussels look delish!!
I always had "weird" lunches as a kid. Never a sandwich or anything because I couldnt handle lunch meat and I wouldnt eat peanut butter. My mom would usually pack me something random like fruit, some cheez-its, a fruit roll up, juicy juice box... and of course money for ice-cream! lol

Amanda (Two Boos Who Eat) said...

I am glad I live in sunny Southern California. I would not handle snow well.

Dawn Dishes It Out said...

You'll be happy to know we are having brussels sprouts tonight!! BTW, love the side of ketchup. I am a huge ketchup lover!!!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

I have a lot of students in my class from other countries, and I LOVE the smell of their lunches!

lynn @ the actors diet said...

i love waffles with pb and j but have never tried it with goat cheese - that's briliant!

Anonymous said...

i agree with you..this week has flown by!! i LOVE brussel sprouts.. i need to get some!

Gina said...

I was always the girl with the "unigue lunches" My mom always packed containers with great foods in them. I loved it! I'll do the same with my children, hopefully.

Katie ♥ said...

Mmmmmm your eats look yummy!! I love butternut squash, I need to buy more, I love dipping it i sugar free maple syrup!!!

Crazy that you got a little snow out there, what is going on with the weather in the world today? !!

I hope you stocked up on some snacks girl : )

I did have fun at the fiance's work party, but we didnt get pics of us, Mike was really nervous and stressed, first work party we been to, he just started working at this firm in the beginning of the year, its a huge firm!

I did take some pics of my son and Mike : ) It was a cool party, thaey had a room for just kids with their own food buffet and the had crafts for them to do!! Was nice!!

Ok have a great weekend!!!!!!! xoxoxo