Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hot Friday Night Date

Hope you guys are had a hot Friday night date night!  I usually look forward to Friday as a time to spend with my guy and unwind.  This week was the beginning of my Friday night class- Managerial Accounting from 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM!  It takes the pressure of ever coming up with plans for a Friday night!

I still didn't stray from the traditions of what normal people do on a Friday night.  What am I, some wierdo?  I started out with a drank:
This drink was called "Blood" and is a beet, apple, ginger and lemon juice.  It was intense.  Intense in the way that made me twitch every time I took a sip.  Yum.

I followed it up with a 3 course meal:
Organic pink lady apple with a side of laptop.  Yum.
Roasted asparagus eaten outside because it smells.

It was actually a really interesting class for what it was and the 4 hours went by quickly.  Of course once I got home it was time for some real food!
Sprouted bread with almond butter, banana, cinnamon, and chocolate syrup :)  It was Friday!  I followed it up with my square cookies, because I know how to party.

I hope you are enjoying your Saturday!  I am off to rule the world.


Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

So far my Saturday has been great!! I hope you have an awesome day and evening!!

Jolene xoxo

P.S. I am totally trying that juice!

Abbys Vegan Eats said...

You have Friday night classes??? Insane.. wow, girl, I give ya credit!!

I totally know how ya feel when your co-workers look at you weird when you munch on your veggies. At my old job, I may as well been an alien sitting there eating rocks or something.

Happy Saturday, enjoy it ;)

Anna @ Newlywed, Newly Veg said...

Mmmmm...adding chocolatem syrup to almond butter/banana bread is a stroke of genius!!!

Anonymous said...


Gabriela said...

Loving the "drink" and "3 course meal"- I've always wanted to try veggie juice but haven't yet (I'm a bad blogger, I know!) And, um, can I have one of those slices of bread please?!

Anonymous said...

that drink sounds really interesting!! hope you had a great weekend.
sounds like delicious foood!


Mari said...

I had a fabulous Saturday night! Check out the pics from the blog meet-up on my page

Katie ♥ said...

Girl you go rule the world!! Love it!!!

Awww thanks!! Im such a proud mommy!! He is the best!!! Hope you had a great date night!!!!

Muah!!! xoxoxo

Simply Life said...

oh your juice sounds great!

Nelly said...

We had date night last night too! FINALLY!
That bread combo looks awesome..I just might make some later for my snack :)

Mom on the Run said...

I had a "blind" date weekend with fellow bloggers. It was so nice!!!!

Glad you had a great weekend :)