Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Back From the Big Easy!

Hi Guys!  Thank you for keeping my little blog company while I was gone!  Hello to the new readers- you are all so sweet and I can't wait to get to know you! 
It was a great trip and I'm suddenly having to compose myself and resist spontaneous outburts of 'Who Dat!?!' while doing my daily tasks.  I came back to a crrraaaazy day at work and haven't been able to comment on your fabulous blogs yet, but I'm catching up- I promise!

Since it took me several posts to recap our honeymoon, I thought I would give you the highlights in one easy shot!  I do have to add the disclaimer that the camera is acting up and we have a lot of blurry pictures.

Here we go!  We started by walking down to the French Quarter to see various parades (including a dog parade) prior to the Super Bowl.  I enjoyed a Bloody Mary at about 11:00 AM:
We found a Saints player on our way:
We went to the French Quarter and got to see an original restored home.  It was amazing.  Look at the view outside of it!  Who Dat!!
We went out into the main square on our walk- it was breathtaking:
 After the game we went outside- we watched the game in our friend's friend's apartment right in the French Quarter.  We walked 10 feet and this was the scene:
I was really excited, despite my cold!  It was amazing- people were so excited and the energy was great!
The next day we set out on a walking tour and saw the cemetary:
We stopped at the Riverwalk and explored the shops before taking the ferry to Algiers:
We also explored a beautiful plantation- the views and furniture were out of control!
 Finally, we stuffed our cheeks (literally) with French donuts (Beignets) and Cafe au Lait at Cafe DuMond:
It was a fun, relaxing, and memorable experience.  I didn't have the most balanced eats- I think I ate maybe 2 servings of fruits and vegetables the whole time, but that's what vacation is all about, huh?  I also caught a cold as soon as we got on a plane and I'm fighting it, so I gotta scale down my activity until I'm feeling less congested.  No biggie- it means I'll be super excited to get back into it!

I'm looking forward to catching up with all of you!  Only a couple more days till the long weekend begins!  What have I missed!?  Who is getting excited for chocolate, candy, flower, heart day?  I am!


Anna @ Newlywed, Newly Veg said...

Yay!! What a great time to enjoy New Orleans! The energy in Louisiana was SO good last weekend (for good reason, ha). WHO DAT!!!

Katie ♥ said...

So glad you are back!!!!!! Missed you love!!!

Thanks for the sweet comment on my gogo gear, ha ha I thought of you when I did my post yesterday because I was like oh no skimpy pic do not open at work!!! lol!!! But I knew you were away!

Im loving the pics from thehoneymoon!! Bloodymary at 11 am, love it!!!!

I never tried PB& Co Bees Knees , is it yum?? U must get some Mighty Maple!!!

ok have a beautiful day!!!!!!!! xoxo

Abby (Abbys Vegan Eats) said...

Ive actually never been to New Orleans.. what a fun trip.. looks like you had a super time!! Nothin wrong with a lil bloody mary in the AM!! :)

Katie said...

What beautiful photos! I especially love the inside of the plantation home- gorgeous! I'm glad you had fun :)

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Wow what an absolutely BEAUTIFUL place! Amazing photos - they really capture the beauty.

Mo Diva said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time!

Im looking forward to Vday becuase im having a single girl party! yay! hope hubby is good to yoU!

daintyvegan said...

Looks like you had an amazing vacation! You went to New Orleans? It looks quite pretty there!

I'm looking forward to V-Day, I'll be spending it shopping with my sister. ;)

Mari said...

it looks like you guys had a great look great in all the pics

Gracie said...

Looks like so much fun!! I've always wanted to go to New Orleans...and what a great time to go with the Saints winning =)

Love your blog, by the way!

xoxo Gracie

Missy said...

Sounds like a great trip! Welcome back! My boyfriend actually just got back from there too!

Anonymous said...

aww that looks like so much fun! i enjoyed all the pics. glad you were able to live it up :)

*Naomi* said...

love the pics! yes almost vday indeed!

glad you are back safe!!