Monday, April 5, 2010

Missing the Cleaning Gene

Hey Guys!  I have to say this was a fabulous Monday and there is a little bit of it left until I get to go to work again!  ((Insert happy face here))!
Thanks for the comments on the spring rolls in my last post.  They are seriously not at all difficult to make and so light and flavorful.  Make them now!

Today I got some cleaning done and straightened up our place after being gone for a week-it was no easy task!  I have to admit that I am pretty crappy at keeping our place clean.  I get a lot of help from the hubby and we share chores but work, school, and everything else really take the place of being Martha Stewart sometimes.  I think I might be missing that wife gene.  Speaking of which, I've been an old married lady for 7 months today!
(One of the blooper pictures because believe me, there were LOTS!  Hubby found a toy and I was not happy)
At least I cook and bake. The highlights of my day included baking brownies:

Marshmallow and white chocolate:
Green sprinkles for my favorite nephew:
Some coffee, cashew, and walnut brownies for my hubby:
One of my favorite things about baking is giving the treats away.  I can't be left alone with sweet treats at all!

In addition to baking and being a wifey, I went to the gym to get my workout on since I swear just smelling the treats added a few extra cals.
The spin class I wanted to take was filled up so I did my own workout and even did my own spin class:
  • 20 minutes intervals on the deathmill (stairmill)
  • 25 minute spin class
    • Stay between 90 and 100 RPMs, alternating levels and doing the 'high' portion at the chorus of each song, approximately 30 seconds of crazy fast and then going back to just normal fast.
  • Yoga/balance stretching for 20 minutes
I felt wonderful after and remembered how much I love working out- as bad as it feels when I'm doing the death-machines, I feel like a rockstar after every.single.time.

After my workout I broke into my spring roll leftovers with some dipping sauce and carrot dippers:
I also had an apple with Laughing Cow Light Cheese and almonds:
It was a really filling and flavorful meal, albeit a bit eclectic, but that's how I roll!
I'm off to shower and get ready for my exciting day tomorrow!  Hope your Tuesday is fabulous :)
Questions: Do you like to clean?  How do you make yourself clean if you don't like to?
I hate cleaning but music, commercials, and incentives help!


Jessica @ How Sweet said...

I hate to clean! I rarely do, and my hubby does it since I always cook for him. :)

Anna @ Newlywed, Newly Veg said...

Yeah, listening to music helps me. I also think about how nice the house is going to look when I'm DONE :-)

Kelly said...

Your marshmellow brownies look delish!!

I have to be in the mood to clean. Once I get in the zone, there is no stopping. Good music definitely helps and the tv has to be off or else I take too many breaks!

Faith @ LovelyAsCharged said...

Every once in a while I get a real urge to clean everything and anything, and I throw on some cheesy pop music and dance around while I knock out days worth of messes.

Anonymous said...

I DO NOT LIKE TO CLEAN! but i feel soo much better after i do!! that wedding pic is ADORABLE! i love it! LOVE YOU!

Anonymous said...

i break down cleaning into the smallest possible pieces (so "clean kitchen" becomes "empty garbage, clear off counters, clean out fridge, wash counters, empty dish drainer, wipe down cabinets, sweep, take out recycling, mop") and make a giant to do list. tiny bits remind me that i can do some of it and not finish and i still did *something*
and i feel more productive if i constantly have things to cross off.
plus when they're little pieces it's easy to say "ok, i will ___, then I can check email" or whatever else you'd rather do...

Anne Marie said...

I HATE to clean! I try to get motivated when the house looks crummy. I crank up the music and get started!

Happy 7 month anniversary!

Mo Diva said...

If my apartment is spotless... there is a good chance I was really pissed off. I am normally a semi neat person but if im upset about something, the bleach comes out and all dirt better beware! LOL

the spring rolls are gorgeous!
and i am loving that your hubs is holding the toy and you look like youre ready to get out the bleach!LOL

Gabriela said...

Marshmallow and white chocolate brownies? Yum!! How do you make those- just add them to the batter?

I'm a clean freak, which is frustrating because all 7 of my roommates are slobs!! Only a few weeks left of living with them...

Hope you're having a great day!!

Missy said...

MMM I want your marshmellow brownies! I hate cleaning but sometimes I get in my crazy cleaning mood which is fun. I am lucky to have a boyfriend that cleans everything!

Beth @ DiningAndDishing said...

Yes I need music when I'm going to clean! I don't like doing it but love the feeling when it's done.

Your brownies look SO GOOD! :)

Mama Pea said...

I loved cleaning this morning because I made a Grooveshark playlist (you must do this!!) and just "grooved" around my house!

Thank you for all your sweet comments all the time!

Kelly said...

I absolutely HATE to clean! Lately I've been listening to a book on my ipod while I vacuum and stuff which does help :)

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

It depends on my mood ... sometimes I like to blast my music and clean the whole house ... other times I loathe cleaning. Usually I don't mind it if we are having dinner guests or something, so that I have a reason to clean.