Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rounding Up

Hey Guys!  Thanks for the cleaning tips.  It has given my hubby hope that our house won't look like a frat house from time to time.  No promises.

I'm home after work and a great workout.  Today I forgot my beloved iPod and instead of singing to myself (believe me, there are enough freaks in my gym between the plastic surgery display and the woman who walks around with a portable DVD player), I decided to just keep moving so I wouldn't get bored!
  • 12 minute stairmill intervals
  • 10 minute elliptical intervals
  • 11 minute treadmill run
  • Back
    • Lat pulls
    • Seated Rows
    • Compound Rows
    • Some machine I can't describe
  • Biceps
    • 2 kinds of curls and cables
I realize that's 33 minutes of cardio and not a magic number like 30 or 35, but I did it to rattle some nerves along with my own.  Do you have to round up your minutes to get to some round number?

I've been fueling myself all day long and feel pretty good about my lunch and snack today. 
We've got half of a Trader Joe's Lavash wrap filled with mixed greens, tempeh, marinara sauce and some fat free feta.  It was gooood!  I chickened out on the clementine but killed the plum.  Though it doesn't look like it, the wrap was small (I eat on a salad plate unless I note otherwise) and I ended up eating the other half of the wrap in about 2 hours because I was huuuuungry!  Sometimes mini meals work and sometimes they don't!  I kinda feel like if I ate mini meals, I would have to eat about 8 times a day, no joke!


 I had a 1 cup serving of Trader Joe's 0% Greek Yogurt with 1/3 cup Kashi Go Lean Crunch and a little peanut butter.  It was goooood!
Questions for you: What's your eating style?  Do you graze?  Do you have 3 square meals and call it a day? I eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner and usually have an afternoon snack at 4 since I don't eat dinner until at least 8.
I've got a fun lunch post in my head for you tomorrow, so come back and say hi!


Mari said...

I always have to roundup when I am working out on a cardio machine...I am very anal about it....lol

I try to always eat three meals a day and have a snack and/or dessert =)

Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

the last post...those goodies..nice!

walking around w/ AB in your purse that you left me...LOL!

Jessica @ How Sweet said...

I usually have 3 big meals and 1 snack. I used to graze, but I get so bored at work that I would just eat everything at once!

Anna @ Newlywed, Newly Veg said...

I'm a grazer, definitely. I feel like I have some sort of mini-snack or bite almost every hour!

Gabriela said...

I'm definitely a grazer!! I have three main meals, but I snack CONSTANTLY between them. I need to eat more than three times a day!! Happy hump day :)

Anne Marie said...

I have three meals and then some snacks furing the day if I'm hungry.

Kelly said...

No IPOD?! I would have done the same thing to keep things interesting. I def. eat snacks through the day. I usually have a snack around 10 and again at 3.. and if I'm being honest I usually need something sweet after dinner :)

Anonymous said...

i do 3 meals and 1-2 snacks depending on hunger :) that wrap sounds so delicious= love TJS!

Missy said...

I usually do 3 meals and maybe a snack after lunch and snack after dinner. I can't do mini meals because I think about my hunger allll day.

Kady @ Livin, Lovin, Learnin said...

I love the combo of GoLean Crunch + PB! So good!

I like to eat 4 meals and maybe a little snack in between. I need to eat a meal every 3-5 hours because once I'm hungry a snack won't do it! So I have to eat dinner around 4-5 and then have another meal around 8 (I call it a snack, but it's really more like a meal!).

Bridget said...

Haha I want to see your gym! Sounds like good people watchign :)

During the work week I graze...a lot. Breakfast, mid morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, then dinner :) I like snacking!

I'm so with you on the love/hate relationship with curly hair!! Of course everyone else is like "oh I wish I had curly hair", and I'm like NO YOU DONT! I realized after the fact that the 2 curly hair pics I put up are on "Good hair days"...90% of the time I have "bad curly hair days" so that is one of the big reasons I'm excited about the Keratin. It will just be mroe manageble...normally I let my hair air dry and its such a crap shoot on how it will turn out!

Mo Diva said...

I graze like ALL DAY!

the wrap sounds insanely good! although me and tempeh arent BFFs (yet) i might try with tofu.

today while walking to work, i spotted a random toy on the ground. I thought of your pic and i burst out laughing. I was tempted to pick it up and take a pic with it but i was alone and didnt want people to think i lost my damn mind... bad enough im laughing out loud while walking alone. ya know?
(the toy is still outside! i can see it!)

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

I typically have 3 meals a day, with 1 or 2 snacks.