Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Reasons Why My Yoga Studio is Better Than the Regular Gym

I have decided that I wanted to run and potentially run a 5K in the near future.  Nothing in particular brought this on, except for the fact that I'm impulsive and saw a sign for some random race while on a bike ride this weekend.  Dare to step inside my brain- you will get lost!

I did go to the gym today to get in some dreadmill time to see if my foot could handle it and to get started.  It was fine but I realized why the regular gym is a kick in the pants.  Here is my list of why the gym sucks.
  • They are now fingerprinting in my gym.  Seriously WTF?!?- while some people may require it on a normal basis to like stay out of jail and stuff, I don't want to feel like a criminal while going to get my elliptical on with a little Gaga on my iPod
  • Waiting for a treadmill takes forever, especially while the runner guy needs to finish stretching ON the treadmill
  • There were women putting on makeup in the locker room BEFORE going to workout.  What is that?  I won't even talk about the blatant plastic surgery on display because that would make me a hater
  • Grunting, snorting, and panic attacks over a lack of the type of supplements available in the gym's store.  Really?
  • Abundance of d*bags.  Waxed eyebrows, tribal band tattoos, spiked hair, obvious use of 'roids.  No thanks.  And please don't look all tough or try to talk to me. I don't make eye contact with people at the gym and I know how to use the weights.
  • The place smells. Nuff said
I finished my jog/walk and skidaddled over to my happy place to take my class. It was clean and I didn't feel like I'd catch something.  I felt like a human again but looks like I'll be back to the zoo soon enough.

Tell me your gym stories.


Jessica @ How Sweet said...

Ok as weird as fingerprinting sounds, I wouldn't mind that. Last August a crazed gunman came into our La Fitness after plotting for months (and blogging) about killing others, and killed many and injured many too. He had been a member for months just plotting it. Was very scary!

Anne Marie said...

I don't understand what the heck is up with the women who put makeup on a go to the gym. Seriously? Get a life!

Mo Diva said...

the goons that DRIP sweat everywhere and dont wipe the shit down after use. GROSS!

Liz said...

I don't belong to a gym for a lot of those reasons - I would rather be biking or running outside!

Jessica - that is terrifying.

*Naomi* said...

gyms are so crazy1 I have seen it all esp since I work in one (given its a corporate fitness center and much more tamed down) but I have this one member who SCREAMS aloud the repetition he is on "ONE, TWO, THREE" i think you could hear it down the hall.

I have also seen a woman eat a snickers bar while on the treadmill-i kid you not!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

I hate the d*bags at the gym ... or anywhere for that matter :-)

Anonymous said...

Hooray for signing up for a 5k! I can't wait to read about it :)

I agree, I like my yoga studio better than the gym. Especially around January. The resolutioners, while I applaud their intentions, are sometimes a pain.

Gabriela said...

Grunters. Oy. My mom is one of them, I must say. And the people who don't wipe down their machines, especially when they're all sweaty. SO GROSS!!

Amanda (Two Boos Who Eat) said...

Gyms gross me out. I once saw a woman pull out her tampon in front of everyone in the dressing room. No joke. I want to vomit just thinking about it.

(sorry for sharing!)

Also I want to run a 5k again. I love them.

Scentsy said...

Fingerprinting... I haven't seen that yet. Is that what I can expect at my gym in the near future? I think the gym is a "scene" but after I take the weight lifting/cardio class followed by pilates, its all worth it.

Simply Life said...

wow, I've never heard of fingerprinting! Crazy (and sad) things have gotten to that point at a gym!

Anonymous said...

First of all, thats crazy.

I used to work at a gym in high school and the most horrendous thing I ever witnessed was about 2 weeks in. This man came in and bought a membership with this really heavy, different-colored credit card. Once he left my front desk, this woman who had been on the elliptical (of course) came up to me. She had quadruple D's and it was apparent she had had lots of plastic surgery (which is slightlyy less common in Austin than SF/LA). She wanted to know his name and practically slapped me when I told her that I couldnt divulge that information. She said that his credit card was like the super super super super platinum card that you can only be invited to if you drop like 10 million in a year or something like that. Gah. Yuck.

Kelly (Coconuts&Freckles) said...

I love what you said, "dare to step into my brain and you will get lost." I can relate!! What a great phrase! This hit home! Oh and love your blog!

yogag33k said...

aw!! Happy anniversary :) That cake is beautiful!