Monday, January 24, 2011

How to Look Like You are Missing Teeth: Or My New Favorite Snack

There are very few things that I can really do to look less glamorous at work.  We have a very business casual (with an emphasis on the casual) dress code and most days I am wearing nice jeans with boots and a sweater.  I only really dress up for client meetings.  The rest of the time, I put my fro in a bun, put on minimal makeup to not look 'tired' (code for looking like death), and show up.

Today I was enjoying my snack of TJ's Seaweed and minding my own business. 

Have you tried this before?  My roasted seaweed snack allowed me to have some savory salty goodness while getting through the things that stimulate me at work, including status reports and timelines.  The whole package is only 60 calories, contains dried seaweed with a little bit of oil and salt, is on my food plan, and takes long enough to eat to distract even me.  Sea veggies are really good for you!

The only problem?  I got up to use the bathroom for the 37th time today and I had a piece of seaweed covering an entire tooth.  Not just a little stuck in my teeth, but the whole high-school-drama-freak missing tooth look.  I can't remember who I may have talked to after I finished my snack, but I had reached a new low in my casual appearance.  I also had seaweed crumbs on my shirt, so I was looking pretty hawt.

Next time, I'm placing a mirror at my desk when I enjoy my snack.


MelissaNibbles said...

That looks interesting. I like seaweed salad at Japanese restaurants so maybe I'd like this?

Jessica @ How Sweet said...

I've been wanting to try these for awhile, just haven't had the guys!

Anne Marie said...

This post made me really laugh!

Amanda said...

LOL!!!!! I can just picture it now. Hilarious!