Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I'm Not Perfect: The Hummus Course

The Hummus Course
Not that I have you guys fooled, but I think we can all agree the healthy living blog community likes to keep things beautifully edited and styled- from food pictures to meal posts.  I like to keep things positive because I love the uplifting community and the motivation I get from interacting with you guys.  However, I think sometimes we perpetuate a life of perfection.  It's 9:30 PM and I just settled in after my workout, bringing stuff in from the car, cooking buckwheat for tomorrow (you're welcome, hubby), and packing lunches.

In case you ever had a fleeting thought that I have my stuff together, I present you with my typical weeknight culinary delight- the hummus course.  I really, really like having this and eat something more filling along with it.  The sharp objects in the background are optional.

1. Fill bowl with veggies
2. Dip in hummus
3. Refill bowl and repeat
4. Find a nice snack to eat after, like millet toast with almond butter and coconut butter

I did make something last night that was true perfection.  We all know Gena's banana soft serve, yes?  Since I'm not eating chocolate or other fun stuff like ice cream, I made my own soft serve and added some raspberries and it was fabulous. I ate it out of order in food combining rules, but it was perfect according to my rules.

Adapted Soft Serve:
Adapted from Choosing Raw

*1 frozen banana
*1 cup of frozen raspberries
*little bit almond milk.
*Blend, blend, blend!
*Optional: coconut butter topping

 I loved this and I'm definitely going to be making this more often.

Question for you: Tell me your quick 5 minute go-to meal. Go!


kalin said...

5 minute meal?
let's not even pretend i'm kidding.
also for a hummus plate? olives (cheapy black ones!) and pickles are weirdly good. brine-y + creamy.

Bexter said...

My 5-minute meal is always a piece of whole grain toast stuffed with tons of nuts and seeds, topped with peanut butter and cranberry apple butter (we stocked up with at least 5 jars in November)!

ashley@quasichick said...

Your smoothie looks so pretty! My 5 minute meal is bread w/ nut butter and a smoothie :)

MelissaNibbles said...

The smoothie looks great.

My 5 minute meal is usually a turkey wrap. I love them.

Anne Marie said...

I love hummus! I could eat it all the time. My favorite 5 minute meal is a peanut butter and banana.

Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun said...

I still have not made banana soft serve. Totally need to get on that. I even have bananas in the freezer waiting for me!

Mo Diva said...

that is gorgeous...

5 minute meal.... last nigth was a refried bean mishmosh with a laughing cow wedge, some peppers strips folded into a burrito and grilled ont he george forman grill.

mad tasty yo

Laura said...

I LOVE making different kinds of soft serve... my favorite so far is banana + peach!

I also loved that you've knocked of 3 times as many things as I have on my list of 30, haha. I've got some catching up to do!

Kaitlin With Honey said...

Consistently, my go-to 5-minute meal is eggs + cheese on toast. There's really nothing better.

Amanda (Two Boos Who Eat) said...

my favorite quick meal is a banana with peanut butter. Just had it for lunch today since I have been so busy!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

My breakfasts always take about 5 minutes whether I make eggs and toast, or a green monster, or oats.

Nicole, RD said...

Coconut butter topping? Sigh. That sounds out of this world!! I've been wanting to make banana "soft serve", I just get too lazy after making dinner! Shame on me!! Obviously, I'm the one missing out here!

getting Fit said...

Luv Hummus!!!! 5 min meal would be soup!!! I seem to be having a lot of that lately and a nice smoothie!!

Michelle @ Housewife in the Raw said...

5 minute meal for me is hummus, veggies and triscuits. For my kids it is a cheese and wheat tortilla. For snacks, popcorn is an all around winner. We love the banana softserve too - I like mine with coconut and cocoa nibs.

Alicia@ eco friendlyhomemaking said...

The soft serve looks so delicious!I have the bananas but am going to go to the store and get raspberries and make this like tomorrow! Thanks for the recipe.Also I love the pictures in your most recent post. They are awesome!