Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Some New Staples

One of the things I was afraid of in cutting gluten from our shopping list was missing out on food- really good food.  I'm not even going to think about things like chocolate chip cookies, chocolate bars, ice cream, or CAKE since those items were usually for the hubby and I broke into the stash when I was extra munchy.  I'm talking about my obsession with pita chips, regular yogurt, and whole wheat bread.

I had to make adjustments and of course my other boyfriend Trader Joe's came through.  Each of these items is affordable and delicious- tested by all the members of my household. Both of us.

Going from left to right, here is my breakdown and description of our new favorites:

Rice and beans chips- these are adzuki and rice flour chips and have just a little bit of bite to them and are perfect dipped in guacamole.

Grade A Goat Milk Yogurt- tangy like regular plain yogurt but with a decidedly different taste.  I add a little bit of honey to mine and stir in some chia seeds.

Savory Mini Edamame Crackers- crunchy, salty, made with soy flour and good with dips. 

Roasted Seaweed- good as a salad topping or on its own.  Just make sure you brush your teeth after eating this.

Brown Rice Tortillas- I found these much harder than regular tortillas so these are best heated.  I top them with almond butter, eat, and then repeat.

Brown Rice Cakes- I know these have a bad reputation as a 'diet food' but these are really good.  The brown rice makes these more hearty and a little nuttier.

Organic Red Quinoa- I love the protein content, the texture, and the color.  You can have this savory or sweet and if you are food combining (or trying to), then you can eat it with protein...which is good!

Another new staple is the gigantor salad that makes its way into my belly at least one meal a day.  I add a little of everything to it- mainly the produce that I buy on a weekly basis and a few fun items.
Arugula, spinach, red quinoa, sugar snap peas, butternut squash, kale and onions roasted in coconut oil, and fresh cilantro on top.
I topped it with some guacamole and it was a filling, delicious meal.

Question for you: What are some new products you have tried recently? 

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Anna @ Newlywed, Newly Veg said...

I just bought those TJ brown rice wraps! They are definitely harder than regular wraps, but I love them because they're SO much chewier! Yum!

Katie ♥ said...

I miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok so enough of the sad miss you! lol!

i love those brown rice cakes too, they are hearty so I dont consider them a diet food ; )

U got some god stuff, gluten free still means yummy!

xoxo love ya!

MelissaNibbles said...

Have you tried corn thins? They're like rice cakes but made with corn. Gluten free!

Mo Diva said...

I just got a butt load of amazing cookies from Enjoy Life foods. Gluten and nut free cookies that have the texture of brownies.
So good.

Kristine said...

Oooh goat yogurt does have a really cool taste!

Gluten free really isnt hard once you get the hang of it. Its been a year for me, and you know I dont ever even really think about it anymore. Its just part of my life and there are SO many (yummy) gluten free options to play with :)

getting Fit said...

TJ's will never let you down ; ) !!! great start! YAHOO!

Erica said...

We're finally getting a TJs in July and I cannot wait! I've heard those Rice and beans chips are amazing. I tried the seaweed...it just wasn't for me. Other TJs staples- their peanut butter flour (I can't believe its going away :(), their raw unsalted AB, any of their hummus varieties, dark chocolate :)

ashley@quasichick said...

No TJ's in my area..boo
I really want to try red quinoa

thanks for finding my bloggie

Laura said...

I've never tried red quinoa but I've had black and it's DELICIOUS!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

I have yet to try the red quinoa! I took quinoa to work today, and no one had any idea what it was :-)

Susan said...

For the brown rice tortillas, try cutting them into chips and broiling them 'til crispy. My favorite way to eat them for sure!

Anonymous said...

I make my PLT or ALT (like BLT but it's a Parmesan or Asiago lettuce tomato sandwich) on whole grain, whole wheat bread at least once a week.