Monday, February 21, 2011

So About That Eating Lifestyle

Thank you all so very much for the warm welcome for Chino!  He has seriously made our lives exponentially happier since we got him and I so appreciate your kind words.

Now onto more trivial issues....When we came back from our vacation I went all hippie with my eating.  I did food combining, blood type diet, kicked caffeine, chocolate, and gluten.  I even successfully went vegan for a week.  This weekend I caught a flu that knocked me on my behind and felt like I was dragged face down in the gravel for several miles.  I enjoyed my first latte in 6 weeks because I needed it and it knocked my socks off.  It was like angels came down from the heavens and I was surrounded by rainbows and unicorns.

I want to be honest with you guys, so here goes.  So why the sudden change of heart?  I don't think my lifestyle is sustainable and it's a little too limiting.  Husband certainly feels the same way.  I was having a hard time feeling satisfied with not being able to eat foods that I have eaten for years and it's honestly not very practical.  Chicken soup was off limits for my cold and I needed ginger ale so that I could calm my stomach, so that was that.  I haven't completely fallen off the track, but I'm going back to 80% on hippie crazy diet and 20% off hippie crazy diet.  I will continue to follow the following guidelines:
  • LOTS of fruits and veggies (duh)
  • Limit my processed foods and refined sugar intake
  • Drink lots of green tea and indulge in coffee on the weekends
  • Make dessert special- either homemade or OMG-I-just-died-and-went-to-Godiva-heaven-amazing
  • Explore different sources of protein (quinoa, millet, veggies, and some soy)
  • Eat organic dairy and goat's milk dairy when I want it
  • Limit gluten consumption to worth-it items
  • If I want it, I'll eat it
I am still holding out on chocolate until my birthday (1 more week!) and I haven't really indulged in anything ridiculous since I've been a little under the weather.  But come the 28th, all chocolate bets are off.

So that's all.  I don't feel guilty or bad, just normal and that's OK with me.

And since I can't fathom a single thought without thinking about my fluffy creature, here is my prince training me this weekend: