Sunday, February 27, 2011

27...That Means Late 20s

Last night I went out on the town after a week+ of being cooped up indoors fighting a nasty sinus infection.  With antibiotics and some limited energy running through my bloodstream, we had an early birthday celebration for yours truly at a sushi restaurant and then back at our home.  It was more than I could have hoped for and just the perfect way to officially bring in my late 20s (because I'm 27 now, which is officially late 20s for you math people).
Although I complained about the slow service (sorry husband for being a meanie-head- patience is not my best quality when it comes to waiting for food) the sushi was good and just what I wanted.  We also had time to take group pictures- my favorite.
Best Husband Ever and I

My lovely in-laws

My brother, favorite nephew, and sister-in-law

My lovely parents

Once we got back to our house, it was business time.  There has been some mention of chocolate around here, and my birthday was the deadline for said chocolate consumption.  Meet my lover- the flourless gluten-free chocolate cake.  It was mine. All mine.  I did share some with our guests though, with scoops of coconut milk ice cream. 
Puppy wanted some too- but none for him.  He's on a low-carb, high protein deal right now.
We also played and laughed together.  There were clearly two stars of the show tonight- the grandkids.

I went to bed a happy girl- with flowers, personalized cards, generous gifts, and dreams of lulu threads thanks to my new gift card.

Thank you, family for making my day.