Wednesday, March 23, 2011

High Maintenance Sundae

In the last 5+ years of our relationship, I have been lucky enough to witness my husband's awesome relationship with food.  I mean this in all seriousness- he truly loves food and savors it. He never acts like a girl or something after he eats it.  Food is food and delicious. He gets over it and often sweats out most of it with a hard workout anyways.

In celebration of this attitude and love of chocolate, I've always loved making desserts for him since the boy can put them away.  I also really like feeding people.  We have moved past the break and bake cookies and onto high maintenance sundaes.

I had warm brownies (Trader Joe's Guiltless brownies) straight out of the oven and this monster was born.
  • 1 layer of warm brownie
  • 1 scoop of ice cream of choice (So Delicious dark chocolate for us)
  • Trader Joe's salted Caramel
  • repeat as desired
 This dessert is definitely not for the weak but I promise it will not let you down.

Your dream sundae: What's in it?  Mine has real chocolate syrup and a cherry on top.

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Amanda (Two Boos Who Eat) said...

My dream sundae is vanilla ice cream, caramel and toffee bits. YUM