Sunday, March 6, 2011


Oh weekends.  How I love and look forward to you and how sad you make me when you go away.  Such a tease.

This weekend I was reunited with a few of my loves- frozen yogurt, shopping, and yoga.  It's funny how something so silly like a cold can kick me out of my routine and how much I crave movement when I'm away.  It proves how breaks are great for the body and a much needed attitude adjustment for the mind.

Now time for show and tell:
1. Yogurt- I love it and I think it loves me.  I got regular tart, honey tart, and red velvet topped with fruit.  Bonus health tip: the fruit makes the yogurt calorie free.
2. Shopping.  My lovely in-laws got me a gift card to lululemon and it was burning a hole in my pocket. I got the astro pant, stride jacket, and a really cute tank that I can't find on their site.  I'm in love and can't wait to wear my clothes as soon as my post-war mentality allows me to wear them.  My current workout clothes are pretty awful so I'm looking forward to wearing some nice pieces and officially joining the cult.  The pants in particular do wonders for the bootay in case you are wondering.

3. Yoga. I finally took a class after 2 weeks and it was so nice to have a thorough practice.  My favorite part was all of the twists and back bends.  The twists are detoxifying and much easier than the detox I finished last month and the back bends are to counteract all the slouching I do in my chair at work while I'm slowly taking over the world.  Now that I can breathe, I'm looking forward to more yoga classes.

What is one thing/activity/food you have reunited with lately?

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