Saturday, March 19, 2011

Weekend Report: Petites

Happy Weekend!  I say that every Friday evening because each weekend is a holiday except without Santa Clause or presents, unless I buy them for myself on my Target expeditions.  I started off my weekend on Thursday by buying one of their new Starbucks Petites
TSA disclaimer: I paid for this myself and this review is based on my own opinions.

I got the peanut butter and chocolate cupcake because they were out of all their other flavors and I needed sugar.

My first impression is that they needed a better packaging plan.  The asshat who took it out of the case for me put it into a pastry bag...upside.down....hello?!  I fished it out before the frosting was ruined and took it back to my desk.

Overall, it was a good little treat for under 180 calories- as all of the petites are.  However, I found it too sweet.  This is a very rare term in my vocabulary and it right up there with 'too rich', 'too fluffy', or 'too much sleep' and I was shocked at how it actually exploded in a sugar bomb.  I still ate it though because I don't waste chocolate, coffee or liquor.

I am looking forward to trying some of their other treats when the mood strikes since I don't usually carry delicious mini desserts with me.

I'm off to enjoy what I can of this rainy, stormy weekend.  I've got a yoga class and a UFC event on the books for tonight.

Enjoy your weekend!

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